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March 28th, 2002

Information Superhighway

One of the misnomers for the Internet I absolutely hated, and still do, was “information superhighway.”

A Google search for it reveals a whopping 127,000 results! The Information Superhighway even has an overpass and a rest stop.

Interestingly, the Google search for “internet” brings up 109 million results – and look at #1. Egads.

Were there any catch-phrases for the Internet that you hated? Or loved? -pm

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FROM: Ryan
DATE: Thursday March 28, 2002 -- 9:24:27 am
Anything starting with cyber- or e-

FROM: yanek
DATE: Thursday March 28, 2002 -- 11:24:03 am
Or i.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Thursday March 28, 2002 -- 2:27:21 pm
I pulled off of the information superhighway and took a shat in a chatroom.

FROM: steve
DATE: Sunday May 5, 2002 -- 2:36:20 am
i remember an early cable TV ad, where they were refurring to CABLE TV as the information superhighway. Obviously in the earlier stages of this phrase, no one really knew what the hell it was supposed to mean anyway.

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