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March 27th, 2002


A lot of people think that having a television station dedicated to technology is an idea whose time has passed. TechTV (formerly ZDTV) is the only station of its kind, and though I originally agreed with “people,” I’m kind of warming up to the station and I feel like they’ve hit their stride.

Perhaps it’s because Chris Pirillo has a show (I’ve been on his mailing lists for years), or maybe it’s because people from our company occasionally appear on Screen Savers (one was on yesterday, as a matter of fact). And while a lot of the talk (most of it, really) is below me, I do enjoy checking out episodes of Fresh Gear (and no, it’s not just to watch Sumi Das — who even has a fan site dedicated to her) or Audio File. And shows like Call for Help and Screen Savers are good for the “average” computer user — it’s something your parents should watch to learn more about their computer.

So, even if TechTV seems kind of passe, they are still offering up some interesting programming, even if it’s a little light on the geek-talk.

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