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April 1st, 2002

April Fool’s Day

I’ve never been a part of a really good April Fool’s joke. A few times at work, I replaced the front page of our external web site with a page that said something like “Thanks for visiting, but we’ve had to close up shop.” that only people visiting from the inside would see.

In school, I’d play some harmless pranks on occasion, but never anything really memorable. Maybe that’s why I don’t remember any of them.

How about you? Any truly memorable April Fool’s jokes that you’ve been on the giving or receiving end of?

(By the way, Paul questioned whether or not it’s “April Fool’s” or “April Fools'” — going strictly by a Google search, the latter wins.)

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FROM: fresh
DATE: Monday April 1, 2002 -- 6:28:18 pm
me a buddy of mine corey and his sis becca just played one on our extremly nervous introverted friend adam saying that corey got his ex girl pregnant and she told him today, she is keeping the baby because of a religious mother and is underage, this sucks even more for adam because he is coreys cousin. after about 10 minutes of me and becca telling and talking about it to him corey came in and was like you know adam you wanna know what makes this even worse? you wanna know the 1 thing that makes this unbearable? its the first of april suckah you been HAD! pretty good i must say

FROM: ken
DATE: Monday July 12, 2004 -- 1:26:31 am
i farted

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