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April 2nd, 2002

Panic Room

Last weekend, Jeani and I saw The Panic Room. I won’t give away any details here – unless you really want me to do so – but I will say it was worth the price of admission (we got in for free.)

The idea of a panic room is interesting, though. It acts as a safe harbor (castle keep): if someone breaks into your house, you can go into the panic room, call the cops, and be safe due to a myriad supplies. The panic room in the film included eight monitors attached to cameras throughout the house, its own ventilation system, a solid steel door, concrete around the entire room, a toilet with sink, medical supplies, and some basic supplies (water).

It got me to wondering, though: what would you need in your panic room? -pm

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FROM: Ryan
DATE: Tuesday April 2, 2002 -- 10:54:59 am
The trailer for Panic Room was the first one in two years that made me think, "Hm. I may have to see this one in the theater." At a matinee, of course. Apparently, it kicked ass at the box office, too -- $21 mil in its opening weekend.

My panic room would just need to be safe with enough ability to contact the outside world. Water and some foodstuffs with long shelf lives would be good, too. I would hope that I wouldn't need to be in the panic room for too long, though.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Tuesday April 2, 2002 -- 12:09:55 pm
That's surprising. When I saw the preview I immediately thought it looked like a horrible flick. Jodie Foster doesn't help the cause either.

FROM: Robert [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday April 2, 2002 -- 1:00:24 pm
I saw it yesterday. I'm surprised and a bit disappointed that David Fincher would bother with a standard action/thriller script. The end result finds him squeezing every moment for something entertaining.

My own panic room would have a shower, which the movie's lacked.

FROM: Greg
DATE: Tuesday April 2, 2002 -- 4:02:25 pm
My panic room would have Karen McDougal, Tara Reid, and Heidi Klum. Maybe some canned food and water too... but only if there's room.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Tuesday April 2, 2002 -- 10:19:59 pm
Matt -- I'm not a big Jodie Foster fan, either, but the trailer managed to be halfway interesting, unlike most of the other dreck that's found its way onto the screen as of late.

Unfortunately, it sounds like the trailer was the best part.

Oh well -- no need to spend that money. :)

FROM: MollyCule
DATE: Wednesday April 3, 2002 -- 9:34:02 am
My panic room would require insulin (that pesky non-functioning pancreas!) and a lifetime supply of Wendy's mandarin chicken salads, which would somehow stay fresh and crisp forever, plus many cartons of cigarettes.

FROM: MollyCule
DATE: Wednesday April 3, 2002 -- 9:34:32 am
Also, a lighter that would never run out.

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