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April 15th, 2002

Tax Time

Happy Tax Day, folks.

A recent report on 20/20 opened my eyes to exactly how ridiculous our current tax law is. For instance, did you know that the complete tax code is over 50,000 pages? Or that Paul O’Neill, our Secretary of the Treasury, when asked if he does his own taxes responded, “Not a chance!” Or that the senior editor of Money doesn’t do her own taxes, either?

While a flat tax wouldn’t solve all the problems, there’s no doubt it would be a huge improvement over the current system. Of course, that will simply never happen… too many people’s jobs rely on explaining tax laws to all of us morons that find it confusing (or for folks that can’t afford to have someone else do it for them).

John Stossel is an idiot, but this time I agree with him.

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FROM: Matt
DATE: Tuesday April 16, 2002 -- 12:16:43 am
One of the main reasons I support the Constitution Party is based on their stance of taxes. As Income taxes are Unconstitutional, and the IRS is operating illegaly on U.S. soil, they call for the elimination of income taxes on U.S. citizens. There would be taxes still on products and goods purchased, but the main revenue would come from tariffs placed on import products. Their stance makes the most sense, and has been thoroughly researched by financial experts.
Just remember: paying taxes to a country that uses your money to bomb and starve people, means you are part of the problem.

FROM: gleep
DATE: Tuesday April 16, 2002 -- 12:26:01 am
"As Income taxes are Unconstitutional, and the IRS is operating illegaly on U.S. soil . . .'

There are a lot of loony theories floating around trying to justify not paying income tax. I think if you check some sources other than the lunatic fringe you'll find it's a load of crap.

either a flat tax or a value added tax makes a lot of sense, but as Ryan says, too many people have a vested interest in maintaining the current system.

Even our senators and congressmen like the current system--they can add some more complexity to the code to give someone a new tax break and go home and brag about it.


FROM: Matt
DATE: Tuesday April 16, 2002 -- 12:57:35 am
You are completely wrong. There is nothing lunatic about wanting to get back to basics. The govt. is too large and too controling. William Cooper brought lawsuit against the IRS, but was audited because of it. He proved without a reasonable doubt that they had no jurisdiction in collecting taxes. There is nothing legal about the IRS.
And going by the congressmen as examples, fuck them. They are bought and paid for by special interest groups. Just this minute they are probably preparing to send the underclass youth to war in Israel this summer.

FROM: dave
DATE: Tuesday April 16, 2002 -- 5:18:04 am
"As Income taxes are Unconstitutional..."

Amendment XVI to the Constitution allows (but does not require) an income tax. I can't understand how something specifically spelled out in a Constitutional amendment can be unconstitutional. See

Our taxes are lower than those of most in the developed world, and they are not collected at the barrel of a gun. Our country might be screwed up, but I've seen enough of the world to understand it works better than most.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Tuesday April 16, 2002 -- 11:55:36 pm
The main problem with the income tax system is that it taxes people more as they move up in society. If you do the work you should reap the benefits. Instead, the govt. takes more of your money. It would be better if taxes were just based on what you spend and also on incoming product into the U.S.
Just think about how better the World would be if it were this way. First, the American businesses would decide that to save money they would actually have to operate in the U.S. Third world citizens would not be exploited in sweat shop conditions. McDonalds and Starbucks would not help advance the WTO cause because there would be no WTO. We would have to learn how to be dependent on what exists in this nation. More people would be employed in the U.S. Sounds good to me, but hey if paying taxes that help things that are evil sounds good to you be my guest slave boy.

FROM: dave
DATE: Wednesday April 17, 2002 -- 5:25:44 am
"Third world citizens would not be exploited in sweat shop conditions"

Third world countries do just fine exploiting their own people without our help. A change in US policy wouldn't affect the Hong Kong businesses that move their operations from one Chinese village to another when they get a hint of lower wages somewhere else.

"More people would be employed in the U.S.

The US already has one of the lowest rates of unemployment in the world. A rate much below 4% (which is where the US was befor 9/11) has problems of its own, including rising inflation, a decrease in skills acquisition by workers, and unfilled jobs. Creating more jobs in such an environment could possibly force employers to seek labor from illegal immigrants (which, incidentally, can be considered another type of labor oppression given the circumstances in which these people often work and live).

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Wednesday April 17, 2002 -- 9:31:43 am
I think that the problems outlined above are just too complex to be solved by a change in how the government taxes its residents. My main, and simple, argument for the simplification of taxes is to 1.) make everybody's lives a little easier by cutting back on the amount of time spent on calculating every little deduction and 2.) to reduce the amount of fraud -- if the tax code were 50 pages rather than 50,000, it would be a lot harder to screw with the IRS.

FROM: gleep
DATE: Tuesday April 30, 2002 -- 1:17:19 am
Matt wrote "gleep-
You are completely wrong. '

I may be wrong but not completely wrong. From your later post it sounds like you would be in favor of either a flat tax or a value added tax. Either one would answer your objections--they are simple and non-progressive.


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