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May 28th, 2002

No Mo’ Pop-Ups

This one little checkbox has made web browsing so much better.

It’s featured in Mozilla, and simply by clearing this check box, pop-up and pop-under ads are gone. No muss, no fuss. Yet, it doesn’t kill all JavaScript so I can still have windows open when I want them to do so. So very nice. You’ll need Moz for this; the feature was removed in Netscape 7 and has to be reenabled via a hack.

Another handy feature in Mozilla is the ability to block images from a certain server. Why would you want to do that? Ads, of course. The vast majority of my web browsing experience is now ad-free – and it’s so much more pleasant. There’ve been utilities that do this up at the OS level, but Moz makes it very easy; right-clicking an image (or holding while clicking on Macs) pops up a menu, per normal, and “Block Images From This Server” is an option. That’s it.

It’s nice to know that some browsers like Moz and Opera are adding features that truly benefit users, instead of a bunch of fluff.

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