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June 14th, 2002


Now that 2000 has passed, and we’ve all (mostly) survived, I can’t help but wonder if it’s time to retire the “2k” term.

Way back in the 20th Century, some artists and entertainers took it upon themselves to dub the year 2000 in some other fun, catchy, and shorter way. The trouble of saying the words “two-thousand” was a large burden, particularly given the issues of the day. We used to worry about gas approaching $2 per gallon, and the cost of Internet access topping $40 a month.

Will Smith tried to use another term: “2g”. As in “grand”, as in a subtle money reference. He did also try to call the new millennium the “Willennium”, something that never came to pass.

The reason I ask for “2k” to go away, though, is because of the silliness caused by years after 2000. Namely, 2k2 and 2k1; the latter is somehow associated with Alabama. A great way to remember 2k1! Mind you, the whole “k” business is just shaving one character off of typing the year out. It saves two syllables from speaking it. And therein may lie the problem: all of this hurry up, go-go lifestyle has infiltrated the way we talk about time.

Me? I’m going to be a fuddy-duddy and stick to the trends from the 20th Century. I’ll see you all in “two-thousand-and-three” next year.

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FROM: Chris [E-Mail]
DATE: Friday June 14, 2002 -- 1:48:03 pm
What I want to know is...what do we call this decade? The "Oh's", the "zeros"? Neither has the same panache as the eighties, or the seventies, etc.

FROM: Patrick
DATE: Friday June 14, 2002 -- 3:17:12 pm
Chris - the 'naughts' or 'naught-ies'

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Friday June 14, 2002 -- 3:26:52 pm
Patrick -- Naughty By Nature already has the copyright on that idea.

FROM: Elizabeth
DATE: Friday June 14, 2002 -- 8:14:04 pm
Ah ha! But what about the two-thousand-three vs two-thousand-AND-three debate?

FROM: Christopher
DATE: Friday June 14, 2002 -- 8:28:43 pm
drop the two thousand, it is just 02
said oh two

FROM: Marcus Mackey
DATE: Saturday June 15, 2002 -- 3:19:41 pm
Christopher, it's that whole way of thinking that lead to the great worry on the Y2k crash! Granted it didn't happen, but that's because we worked past that and had a majority of the world's computers fixed. Those that didn't survive (largely unnecessary machines, sorta' like Morton College's whole Fortran/Cobol infested mess of relics; thank God they moved their records over though :-)), got replaced by one's that can. LoL I use the 2k1/2k2 or 2000, 2001, 2002 terminology. Then again, if I type the date out; I always make it...

06.15.2002 <--- like that...

Don't want to start contributions to the 3k crash, y'know? ;-) LoL

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Wednesday June 19, 2002 -- 5:04:35 pm
I recenty heard a news caster use the term twenty-o-two. I didn't like it. Not one bit. I'm for the full tilt 20th century fuddy-duddyisms. Two-thousand-and-two for me; and later, two-thousand-and-three, two-thousand-and-four, etc. Wait until the 22nd century to be twenty-one- whatever to be more economical to utter. If I'm alive then, which I doubt, two-thousand-one-hundred-and-one will be too much for this one-hundred-plus year-old doddering fuddy-duddy to utter.

FROM: big fat lizard
DATE: Thursday June 20, 2002 -- 12:33:11 am
we're in the double O decade...and what will we call it in ten years the 10's? pretty strange!

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