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June 15th, 2002

How Much Oreo Goo?

It’s great to see that I’m not the only one that’s obsessed with Oreo filling. I particularly like this fellow’s tube of “Oreo Goo.”

But should I sue for patent infringement? After all, look at this picture and this picture. He’s invading my marketspace!

(via Corey)

Posted in Food and Beverage, The Oreo Family

ershawe FROM: Paul [E-Mail]
DATE: Saturday June 15, 2002 -- 9:07:21 am
Uh oh. The latter picture is now gone, Ryan!

FROM: Rob [E-Mail]
DATE: Saturday June 15, 2002 -- 12:31:07 pm
In fact, most of the links are broken. Spooky.

FROM: Paul [E-Mail]
DATE: Saturday June 15, 2002 -- 1:19:27 pm
Clearly, Ryan's Ping caused this.

FROM: Marcus Mackey
DATE: Saturday June 15, 2002 -- 4:01:09 pm
We'll all look back on this as the Great Goo Conspiracy...

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Saturday June 15, 2002 -- 6:48:32 pm
The links were intermittently working... stay tuned, I guess.

FROM: King Random
DATE: Saturday June 15, 2002 -- 10:10:41 pm
Well, I only could get the one picture, but that was pretty impressive. The eating of is must have been a differerent story, though. I only do that kind of thing with icecream. You don't want to know.

FROM: Rob [E-Mail]
DATE: Sunday June 16, 2002 -- 11:46:00 am
Yeah, but you could at LEAST fix the second link to the Ping. Unless something's just screwy on my end.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Monday June 17, 2002 -- 1:06:24 am
Err ... that link works for me, sir Rob.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Monday June 17, 2002 -- 1:07:04 am
Never mind. NOW it does. :)

FROM: big fat lizard
DATE: Thursday June 20, 2002 -- 12:23:14 am
Oreo Goo? I like to dip em in milk...until they're slightly soft...then I like to eat the cookie (together) - But I prefer peanut butter cookies...Oreo's are real rich! ESPECIALLY the's kinda gross if you think about how someone is man handling their cookie and playing with it before they eat it!

FROM: King Random
DATE: Friday June 28, 2002 -- 3:13:41 pm
Do not worry, you will always be the top oreo guy. Plus, yours was double layered.

FROM: Mike B.
DATE: Thursday July 4, 2002 -- 12:15:25 pm
Hey--why don't they just sell the filling in a tube? Make-Your-Own-Oreos or something like that. Reese's did it with their peanut butter (by the way, what do they put in Reese's to make it taste like that?)

FROM: Scott N Jim
DATE: Thursday July 11, 2002 -- 12:26:24 pm
Robert- we need to talk- where did you find this magical over sized oreo cookie??? We need the over sized oreo cookie- We have so many ideas from supreme oreo pizza to peanut butter oreos- to puntang oreos- the idea with the nesquick and the tang that I made before- We need the oversized oreo--- Please help us!!!!!

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Wednesday February 26, 2003 -- 7:59:16 pm

I look at this Ping today for the first time since I read it. Coming home from work tonight, I hear this on NPR. Man, when will the Ping get mentioned on NPR?

DATE: Thursday February 2, 2006 -- 9:20:36 pm
um, my friend danielle is more obsessed with oreo filling than u r. AND ITS NOT GOO!!!!! ITS STUFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U STINK!!!

FROM: lauren
DATE: Friday February 3, 2006 -- 1:45:36 pm
where did u get the oreo goo??????????????????????????????????? i want some!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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