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July 9th, 2002


.yhtrowgniP dna gnitseretni gnihtemos etaerc nac emit hcum oot htiw nosrep a woh fo elpmaxe taerg a s’tI ?elgooG ekil ton uoy nac woh ,keeg a er’uoy fI

.ehcac s’elgooG no mhtirogla “txet esrever” eht esu ot yaw a tuo derugif yeht fi desserpmi ythgim neeb evah dluow I ,looc nrad ytterp si desrever dna deifitsuj thgir enigne hcraes eht yb denruter txet eht lla gnivah elihW

.evisserpmi ytterP .egami rabloot elgooG eht ot nwod thgir ,desrever osla si egap tuoba eht :gnisuma oslA

…)arepO ni krow t’nseod( uoy roF

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FROM: Robert [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday July 9, 2002 -- 10:01:54 am
!seye yM

FROM: sllaW evaD (Dave Walls)
DATE: Tuesday July 9, 2002 -- 11:15:23 pm
*snirg* .etisbew siht ta gnikool detrats I EROFEB ehcadaeh a dah I thguoht I dna...

FROM: steve
DATE: Wednesday July 10, 2002 -- 1:11:12 am
tihs fo daol a tahw

FROM: what?
DATE: Wednesday July 10, 2002 -- 5:46:29 am
some freaky other language secret society? ur mean!

FROM: R ttocS
DATE: Thursday July 11, 2002 -- 12:51:31 pm
!!!nam eth era uoy - treboR ".rthG htw t sgnh tht yg yfd gB" otni snrut "reihtuaG htiw tuo sgnah taht yug yfoog giB" .meht tuohtiw sdrow yas dna edam I egaugnal wen rehto sith yrt dluohs uoy !taerg eb annog s'taht - emordnys s'terruT evah I yas ll'I tnemlia dna yrotsih lacidem ym tuo kcehc yeht nehw .cixelsyd ma I taht mialcxe neht dna, yaw siht srepap ym fo emos etirw ll'I kniht I, llaf sith srehcaet ym fo emos htiw wercs ot tsuJ .yaw siht sgnip ym fo lla gnitirw trats ot evah tsuj thgim I hguoht no gniog saw lleh eulb eht ni tahw nrael ot setunim wef a em koot tI !ffuts looc ytterp emos si sihT

FROM: .R ttocS
DATE: Thursday July 11, 2002 -- 12:54:59 pm
!!!!elbirroh nikkirf saw tahT .knil taht no kcilc ot saw did I gniht tsrif eht ti dettimbus I retfa thgir neht dna uoy rof ti seod taht ygniht nikkirf lacigam taht no gnikcilc tuohtiw gniht nmad elohw taht dehsinif tsuj I -hctib A fo nos wwA

DATE: Thursday January 2, 2003 -- 6:44:13 pm
this is too cool I gotta try it

FROM: rathkA namuaN [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday February 19, 2003 -- 4:56:17 am
I really enjoyed watching this site it is excellent site i love to learn and right in reverse order

FROM: me
DATE: Tuesday March 4, 2003 -- 7:15:22 am
this is so cool!

FROM: Flux [E-Mail]
DATE: Monday July 14, 2003 -- 9:03:42 pm
I did it! I hacked elgooG to do the Google cache!

Check this out:

At first I thought that the Daily Ping's writer did it, I wondered how, I couldn't be bothered to read it... but I could be bothered to hack it. :)

Btw check out (yes its a real 'religion').

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Monday July 14, 2003 -- 9:51:01 pm
Nice job, Flux. I forgot I had written that about Google's cache... :)

DATE: Wednesday December 10, 2003 -- 7:00:13 am
!gnihtyna wonk tnod

FROM: Jes and Rance
DATE: Saturday February 5, 2005 -- 3:49:24 am
!yknuf ytterP

FROM: Katherine
DATE: Saturday February 5, 2005 -- 4:20:27 am
!daer t'nac I .tihs a m'I .snekcihC

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