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July 13th, 2002

A Great Gift Idea!

Looking for the perfect gift idea? Have I got an idea for you!

Uncle Booger?s Bumper Dumper. And yes, kids, it has its own patent!

Attach the Bumper Dumper to the back of your pick-up truck and, uh, do your thing. Yeah, sure, it just looks like what you do drops on the ground behind your truck, but you?ll be comfortable! Plus you?ve got to feel good about a patriotic toilet seat whose “prayers and sympathy are with the family’s of all the brave and innocent that have perished in this act of terrorism.”

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FROM: Paul [E-Mail]
DATE: Saturday July 13, 2002 -- 12:45:46 pm
Know what's funny? This thing sells like hotcakes in NYC. Who would've known?

FROM: Dave Walls
DATE: Saturday July 13, 2002 -- 1:50:33 pm
I cant really see cabbies pulling up to a corner and using this thing in NYC.

Also, what happens if you are parked on a hill and use the bumper stumper?

Still, my favourite is the quote from the site: "the Bumper Dumper is a great item for all outdoor enthusiasts. It's great to have on construction sites, traveling with kids, or at the beach".

AT THE BEACH?!? I'm sure all the ladies love a buffed tan man who takes a DUMP in front of everyone off the back of his truck!!! :)

FROM: Robert [E-Mail]
DATE: Saturday July 13, 2002 -- 2:01:11 pm
Does anyone else notice it's just a toilet seat fastened to an oversized tuning fork?

FROM: Monica
DATE: Sunday July 14, 2002 -- 11:59:53 pm
Imagine contests to make it ring!

FROM: carole
DATE: Wednesday August 16, 2006 -- 9:50:43 pm

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