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July 28th, 2002


If you’re looking for a nice diversion on the Information Superhighway, I believe I can direct your attention to Sharpeworld. Originally located via the ever-joyful Mister Pants, Sharpeworld is an odd clearinghouse of peculiar things. It’s like rummaging through a box of stuff in your attic. Assuming your attic is the Internet, somehow, which might not be a bad analogy.

Sharpeworld TV, which requires QuickTime, is recommended for at least the full Atari commercial from the early 80s contained therein. You can see what kinds of scenarios Atari envisioned its high-tech gaming systems and computers would fall into. Cocktail parties and the super challenging Super Breakout, for one!

There’s also the Before and After Museum, which I highly recommend.

Do give it a spin. It’s worth your time.

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