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August 7th, 2002

Shoe Sizin’

I bought some shoes last night. Two pair… the second was half price. Not bad.

But something strange I noticed: my feet must be growing. My previous pair of shoes were an 8 1/2 but I had to buy 9s this time. I’m well aware of the difference in sizes between different brands, but I bought the same brand! 8 1/2 used to leave me plenty of toe room, but the 8 1/2s now leave my toe touching the edge of the shoe. What’s going on here?

At this rate of increasing a 1/2-size every 1 1/2 years, I’ll be wearing a size 23 by the time I’m 70.

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FROM: teeinep
DATE: Wednesday August 7, 2002 -- 10:27:20 am
I calculate you to be 28 years old. Now my head hurts.

FROM: Chris [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday August 7, 2002 -- 10:27:54 am
Nah, it not your feet. It more likely the shoes came from two different factories full of 8 year olds working for $.25 a day ;)

I once bought three pairs of Levi's Dockers, at the same store, and all three pairs had to be different sizes in orde to fit properly.

( A pre-emptive anti-ping for Robert - I was not trying to wear all three pairs at the same time!)

FROM: Tina
DATE: Wednesday August 7, 2002 -- 10:35:15 am
Your feet swell over the course of the day. When were you shopping?

FROM: Robert [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday August 7, 2002 -- 11:48:41 am
( A pre-emptive anti-ping for Robert - I was not trying to wear all three pairs at the same time!)

What the hell?! Have I become notorious already!

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Wednesday August 7, 2002 -- 12:58:17 pm
teeinep -- Almost. There was some rounding involved.

Chris -- Indeed. I need to start buying New Balance.

Tina -- About 7:30pm... but I hadn't done much walking throughout the day... but the shoes *do* feel a little looser this morning. :)

FROM: Monica
DATE: Wednesday August 7, 2002 -- 2:20:11 pm
to continue what Chris said--it could be that the companies are cutting back on materials. Clothing manufacturers do this a lot too.

Or maybe something you ate went past your hips straight to your feet!

FROM: jk
DATE: Wednesday August 7, 2002 -- 9:09:29 pm
It has to do with the way they cut the leather (or whatever material they are) that they use. The same goes for khakis and jeans: they put maybe 20 large pieces of uncut material on a flat surface, and then they use what resembles a huge cookie cutter to cut through ALL those layers of material. The material closest to the top of the stack will most closely match the cookie cutter (say a size 8 shoe or a pair of 32x32 jeans) but by the time the cutter gets to the bottom layers of material, it struggles somewhat to make the final cuts, and thus they are not perfectly sized. That is why I can try on 10 pairs of jeans in my size and only 2 will fit.

I knew my knowledge about stuff like this would someday come in handy. Ask me something else about clothes!

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Wednesday August 7, 2002 -- 11:41:04 pm
Wow... ya learn something every day on the Ping.

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