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September 12th, 2002

Glasses v. Contacts

Back when I was a kid, I started to notice something wrong with my vision. I was having a hard time seeing the blackboard, and sitting up front didn’t seem to help very much. I told my parents about it and, within a matter of seconds, I was diagnosed as being nearsighted. Glasses were to become a part of my life for some time.

But an alternative, a real one, cropped up for me when I entered 8th grade: contact lenses. By that time, I had grown tired of glasses. They kept falling off, breaking, causing local radio interference, etc. Or maybe it was just the fact that they broke in the only fight I was ever in. Maybe I really didn’t like that.

In any event, I switched to contacts and stayed with contacts, really, until this past year. I still wear them on a near-daily basis, but I’m also now comfortable with glasses again. Contacts are more of a vanity thing for me, I’ll admit, but sometimes I don’t like the hassle of putting pieces of plastic into my eyes. Glasses are simpler.

What do you think? Are you apt to go with contacts, glasses… or nothing at all, because your vision is perfect?

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