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September 24th, 2002

The Sugar Dupe

As The Daily Ping’s consumer reporter, I have informed you of a big dupe before. I’m here to tell you about another one, and it involves a white powder.

It’s sugar! Just sugar.

Ask yourself what size bag plain, white sugar comes in. Five pounds? Well, that’s what it used to come in. Quietly and without any large rollout, sugar bags have been reduced in size to four pounds. This is now out-of-line with flour, which is still predominantly sold in five-pound bags. But sugar, the staple of every hyperactive child’s diet, is now only in four-pound bags. At least around here.

Why was it done? I’m sure it was for cost reasons; a four-pound bag of sugar costs about the same as yesteryear’s five-pound bag. It’s a subtle change, but a change nonetheless.

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