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November 3rd, 2002

If you owned a DVD distributor…

If you owned a DVD production and distribution company, which movies would you release first? Money’s no object and ignore the right of ownership, but your choices should either not be available on DVD or at least not available in a solid “special edition” package.

First, I’d release what would be the first disc in a series of mental hygiene DVDs. A couple of these exist right now, but I’d love to see Something Weird release their full MH catalog on disc. Since they probably won’t anytime soon, my imaginary company would.

In terms of movies, Super Fuzz used to be my first choice, but I believe Anchor Bay will be releasing a special edition soon. If they don’t get Terence Hill and Ernest Borgnine to do a commentary, something’s wrong…

I’d also release the many unissued Jodorwosky and Godard films. If there were ever art-house films that needed a wide distribution, it would be the movies by those two directors.

During the first Christmas season of my ownership, I’d release Christmas Eve on Sesame Street and reissue A Muppet Family Christmas making sure the missing minutes were inserted back in.

How about you?

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