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November 29th, 2002

Car alarms… not worth it any more?

It seems to me that car alarms have lost most of their usefulness. It’s been years since a car alarm has really startled me, and probably even longer since one of those alarms has indicated an actual burglery attempt. At this point, I doubt they’re even a useful deterrent after so many years of constant false alarms…

So, I think it’s time to update the car alarm. While having it automatically dial the police or a security agency (like is common with home alarms) would be nice, what about a system that locks the doors and releases a gas of some sort that would render the burgler unconscious? Not exactly humanitarian, but it would be mighty fun!

Any other good ideas for new versions of the car alarm?

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FROM: Paul [E-Mail]
DATE: Friday November 29, 2002 -- 12:41:29 pm
At least, the car alarm should make the corresponding keyfob buzz or glow or something. Let me know it's my car in trouble, you know?

FROM: Matt
DATE: Sunday December 1, 2002 -- 1:28:56 am
You and I must have been on the same page this week, because I was pondering the uselessness of car alarms and ways to make them more worthwhile.

FROM: Marcus Mackey
DATE: Sunday December 1, 2002 -- 11:47:11 am
I found myself surmising all of the energy I could to stop myself from ranting out a repetitive "YEAH YEAH TAZER... ZAP 'EM... *ZAP*" in true Beavis fashion in regards to Ryan's "gas" response.... then again, be a startling phenomenon to encounter walking through the mall parking lot if you brush too close to another car. :) On second thought... lots of loud beeping and wailing that noone pays attention to anymore sounds safer....

I'm with you though Ryan, there's a guy down my block that has more artificial blue lighting on his car blinking out of it's headlights, windshield header, lower windshield on both sides (mind you it's an ordinary, plain Jane Dodge Intrepid) than many people decorate their houses with on Christmas. Yet what does it all buy him? Probably a ton of taxation on his battery and electrical system, and maybe a faint night light to walk to/from his car. Yet the only thing it'll surmise in the suburbs or city is a passing glance if it goes off, and even if anyone "SAW" a theft being committed, how many are going to do anything about it? Most people are in so much of a hurry anymore that even if we did spot it, would they do anything?

The only electronic theft deterrent that makes "ANY" remote sense to me is LoJack, the quintessential car tracing and recovery system. I mean... if your car is stolen, I'd rather have a chance at getting it back and having them apprehend the thief. To me you can spend a fortune on all of the theft "stopping" devices, and they don't really do anything or make any logical sense... yet if you're going to go that far, why not just pay the $ to get the service where *IF* your car were to be stolen, you can call in and have them track it to the location it was taken to, and send the police in after it? Just makes more sense to me.

Plus it doesn't have to strobe, blink, Knight-rider "swish-swish", or look otherwise gaudy and stupid. Hell, if the amount of light coming from one's car is the difference between being mundane and "cool and hip", maybe I'll replace my trunk area with an Onan or Honda generator and mount a 60 million candle-Watt power Spotlight on my roof. Be real chic when half of the Chicago area "KNOWS" where my car is at at all times. ;) Not that anyone would steal my ol' Chevy anyhow. :) Then again, it might give the guy in the white Intrepid some envy... ;)

FROM: Brick [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday June 24, 2004 -- 6:18:02 pm
I would have to agree, a standard car alarm is useless.

But, sense I just got mine broken into for the second time in as many months I've decided to upgrade...

2-way alarm that sets off a key-chain size beeper (either vibrate or ring) as well as calls my cell phone.

Motion-activated night-vision equipped 2.4 gig wireless camera that sends the signal into my home & starts recording on a standard vcr.

Not to mention the tazor shock system I'm considering.

Can't wait until you all see a video of some guy trying to steal my stuff & getting shocked all to hell on the internet soon.

DATE: Tuesday May 30, 2006 -- 2:57:39 am
In regards to the comment about "false alarms" in the original post, it should be noted that most every alarm false triggers. This is a technological failing, not a fact of life. But even in systems that incorporate the latest technology, false alarms can occur due to defects in the system which were introduced at the time of manufacture.

However there is one company that produces security systems that don't false trigger:

KIRAMEK also has detailed information on car alarms in its FAQ at this URL:

KIRAMEK is a Japanese manufacturer with a zero defect policy. KIRAMEK's corporate policy is that security systems must be more than just noise makers -- they must prevent theft of the vehicle. Two-way paging and multi-point immobilization are quite effective in realizing this aim.

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