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January 14th, 2003

Backup, Pal

Quick question for you computer-folk out there (and I know you’re out there): do you backup your data?

Back in the olden days, it was done on tape of course… but with hard drive sizes far, far outpacing tape sizes, a lot of people are backing up hard drives with hard drives. It actually seems like a fair idea.

I fully admit I don’t do a total backup, but do burn critical data to CD every couple of weeks. I’m hoping to get a real backup system (FireWire hard drive) in place soon, though.

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Paul September 18, 2008, 1:39 pm

Backing up has saved my bacon, again. My hard drive died – completely – on Sunday, and as we speak the latest backup also from Sunday is being restored to a new drive.

On the other hand, Hitachi’s return policy for hard drives under warranty, like my faulty one, sucks. I’m required to use a certain type of packaging (which costs 1/4 the price of my new hard drive) otherwise my warranty will be voided! And as a bonus, they won’t ship out a replacement drive in advance and thus I can’t reuse that packaging. So helpful!

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