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February 5th, 2003

20 Years

Periodically, we here at the Ping talk about time or the perception of time. This morning I was pondering again about how quickly time seems to pass… and how we’re all getting old, fast.

As a child of the 80s, I remember how distant the 1960s felt. In 1983, 1963 was a whole ‘nother time. Music from that era played on “oldies” stations, adding to the mystique and distance of that time. But it’s 2003 now. To kids of today, 1983 is their 1963.

Let me say it again: To kids of today, 1983 is their 1963. That just blows my friggin’ mind.

At least they’re not playing “Beat It” on oldies stations. Now, pass me my cane.

(Incidentally, what I think sparked my thinking about the passage of time was this morning’s episode of Family Ties, where Elyse tries to revive her folk singing career at a local nightclub. Mallory tries to convince her mom to sing more modern songs, like “Beat It.”)

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