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February 22nd, 2003

Movie Price Survey

Well, folks, it’s time again for a survey of how much movies – new, first-run movies – cost in your area.

I was surprised to find that the movie theater I normally visit now charges $9.50 a show. Yesterday, I saw a show that cost a “cheap!” $8.75. That’s about the lowest I’ve seen lately, although I’m sure it’s about 50 cents cheaper in the far suburbs.

How much does it cost where you live?

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FROM: vlm
DATE: Saturday February 22, 2003 -- 10:21:26 am
It's $9 at the arts complex nearest where I currently live, but we went a bit farther out for a $4 matinee--by far the cheapest ticket in the vicinity.

FROM: Robert [E-Mail]
DATE: Saturday February 22, 2003 -- 12:22:58 pm
In Richmond it's hovering around $8.25, though I'm not totally sure about that. Having spent a long time here without money I got used to going to matinees almonst exclusively.

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Saturday February 22, 2003 -- 1:12:50 pm
I was fortunate living in Lynchburg, Virginia..the big Cinemark theater was a second run, $1.00 theater, with Tuesday showing only costing 50 cents. Yeah, there were first run theaters, ranging in $7 dollar in Lynchburg, to the $8 ones in Roanoke (an hour away, but much nicer theaters)..Still, if you dont mind waiting a few weeks, you can see that movie you want for a buck instead of 8.

Funny thing is, now that I've moved back to the Delaware/Philadelphia region, I've only seen one movie (THe Recruit)..even though it was pretty good, I still felt ripped off at paying 8.50.

BTW, when did the price of popcorn go to almost $5? To paraphrase Jerry Seinfeld, do they think that you cant get popcorn anywhere else in the whole world? Do they think it's their own little island?

"Tuna Sandwich...$13..yes, Tuna is very rare out here"

FROM: aharris
DATE: Saturday February 22, 2003 -- 3:11:49 pm
Bay Area: $9.00

Sometimes I see "Large Screen" which is $10.00.

(Large Screen is basically a regular movie shown on an IMAX screen. Lord of the Rings or Star Wars for example)

FROM: Maria
DATE: Saturday February 22, 2003 -- 3:46:33 pm
In downtown Seattle it was $9 which is almost double what I usually pay--$5.50 for students here in Eugene, OR. Regular price I think it's $7.50.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Saturday February 22, 2003 -- 5:17:09 pm
I believe that movies are around $7.50 or $8.50 in NOVA. Not completely sure. I only see a few a year, and those tend to be dollar theatre films or matinees.
The Hollywood bastards don't need my money.

FROM: Robert [E-Mail]
DATE: Saturday February 22, 2003 -- 6:35:43 pm
There's a great second-run theater three blocks from my house, the Byrd, that charges just $2 after 6pm. Right now they're showing 8 Mile (which I might see) and My Big Overhyped Greek Wedding. Not bad choices, really, and the theater is a registered historic landmark.

FROM: Warren
DATE: Monday February 24, 2003 -- 12:25:52 am
Well, here where I live in Alberta, Canada, it costs $8 for a movie ticket. I live in a small town, and whenever I go to the big city, I realize it's quite cheap to go to the movies here; in the big city, it costs $10.50 to get into a movie. I actually paid $10.50 to see the terrible "Ballistic: Ecks Vs. Sever" when I went to Edmonton. Needless to say, I no longer let myself be swayed by snazzy advertising, and next time i'll either stay away or catch a matinee.

FROM: Greg
DATE: Tuesday February 25, 2003 -- 11:15:44 am
It was $10 last time I went. Luckily I had my student ID so it was only $6. Does anyone else think that this is still too much to get your ears blown out from the very loud theaters? The answer to the popcorn issue is just bring your own food. Sure the theaters don't like it but do you honestly think that a teenager making low wages on a weekend evening really cares if you have a few Krispy Kream donuts in your jacket?

FROM: Sara
DATE: Monday March 17, 2003 -- 3:06:47 am
in the San Francisco Bay Area it's $9.50. for those of you who live in this area there's a great second run theatre in Milpitas, just north of San Jose, called Cinema Saver 10. and these aren't terribly old movies, just a couple months old. movies are 3 BUCKS anytime, and on Tuesdays movies are 1 DOLLAR. and food is ridiculously cheap for movie theatre standards. and it's a surprisingly nice theatre.

FROM: towinlovinit
DATE: Monday May 12, 2003 -- 10:24:25 pm
In the old St. John's area of Portland (which is North Portland) its $4.00 during matinee and $6.00 after 6 Pm. They have a great family program that gets adults in free with two kids. Just round of any strays and you can go in for free!

FROM: Ruth
DATE: Friday June 20, 2003 -- 7:23:31 pm
In portland area movie prices are about $6 for matinee and $7-8 for regular show. Think it is conspiracy theory at work that the matinee price used to be 1/2 of evening, keeps creeping up--but slowly so no one complains--and one day BAM! there will be no "matinee price".

DATE: Wednesday October 8, 2003 -- 11:49:16 pm
What does a movie theatre get charged to show a first weekend blockbuster? (I.E. Lord Of The Rings)


FROM: Ryan
DATE: Thursday October 9, 2003 -- 12:08:17 am

DATE: Friday February 6, 2004 -- 10:05:17 am

FROM: james anderson
DATE: Sunday July 17, 2005 -- 7:03:43 pm
Well i'm from san diego and it currently cost at the theather everyone goes to its currently after 4:00pm it cost 9.95 Pop corn for a Med runs about 5.30 area + tax lrg pop corn and two drinks will cost you 15.00 yes because lrg pop corn runs at 9.00 a lgr 3.50 for a med drink + another med drink thats 3.50 + 3.50 + the 9.00 which is 16.00 if im correct? then not to mention the movies? then a dinner after the movies? FUCK All that i rather take her to the house and rent a block buster then take her out to dinner its crazy man thats the reason I dont go to movies Even if i have the money i wouldnt pay no 35.00 for the movie im sorry but im smart not stupid. and I know in other parts of San diego is more expensive at the nicer ones so the math it aint cheap.

I say we all riot and start a war at the movies, until the reduce the price to a fair price 6.00 tops

gas is high enough...........come on lets form a riot!

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