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February 23rd, 2003

Styrofoam Popcorn

I like popcorn. A lot. I eat popcorn. Usually, a lot of it. And one thing never fails, whether it’s hot air popcorn or microwave popcorn, I always get at least one of the dreaded “styrofoam kernels.” These kernels of popcorn are so distantly removed from the delicious treat that I’m used to, I usually find myself wondering if I accidentally picked up a bag of packing peanuts by accident. I don’t know what causes these anomalies of popped corn, but once that foul-tasting kernel enters my mouth, I’m ready to swear off popcorn forever. Until the next day, at least.

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FROM: vlm
DATE: Sunday February 23, 2003 -- 11:33:31 am
I am not a shill: got this gadget as a gift. With an old-fashioned stovetop popper, I've never, ever had a dud piece. Takes only 5 minutes, and you can make "kettle corn" at home, too. I use ghee for a cooked-in-butter taste.

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Sunday February 23, 2003 -- 12:21:09 pm
I use a stainless pasta pot with a thick bottom (at least 1/8"--it may be 3/16"--cant really measure it with a ruler--don't want to take it to the lab). Usually pasta pots come with a deep strainer and a shallow strainer so you can pull out the noodles but keep the hot water--sort of like a french-fry basket. Anyway, I put about 2-3 tbsp. oil in the bottom and 1/3-1/2 cup of popcorn in the bottom as evenly as possible. I heat it over a medium flame on my cheap and old dorm-size gas range that came with my cheap and old but rather large apartment (sorry electric range kids--I don't know the conversion) until the first few tasties begin to pop. After about the fourth one pops I cover the pot with the shallow strainer inverted. Then, I blast the heat as high as it will go--this is not very high on the above mentioned food furnace--so those with real ranges that can actually boil a pot of water be careful not to go too high. The popcorn begins to pop like crazy and in a matter of maybe a minute or two I get the best popcorn ever with almost no duds.

By the way, the pasta pot is about 8 qts? It's a big one, but not a huge one.

I then melt butter in a smaller pan and salt to taste.

I also prefer white popcorn (Jolly Time).

One day I'll get on ebay and get an actual antique Jolly Time electric corn popper like my grandpa had--it made the best popcorn ever. But the pasta method is pretty close and good enough for now.

There's a ping in there for another day: Do you prefer white or yellow? (and I'm not talking about snow).

FROM: jk
DATE: Sunday February 23, 2003 -- 1:10:15 pm
What about the blackened kernel that breaks a tooth? I hate that kernel.

FROM: Robert [E-Mail]
DATE: Sunday February 23, 2003 -- 4:46:33 pm
I eat my popcorn covered with caramel exclusively.

FROM: Sarah
DATE: Sunday February 23, 2003 -- 8:42:53 pm
I love the half-popped crunchy kernels!! I knew there was something wrong with me. I thought everyone liked those best!

FROM: vlm
DATE: Sunday February 23, 2003 -- 9:41:41 pm
Problem is I nearly never have unpopped kernels with that nice stovetop popper, so I don't have those semi-popped TMJ-aggravating kernels to enjoy unless I do something rather wrong.

Vastly inspired by this Ping, I was compelled to make a load of popcorn with "Mexican seasoning." Incredibly tasty. Thanks for the idea.

FROM: ky
DATE: Monday February 24, 2003 -- 12:00:13 am
what about those stupid pieces of kernel shells that get stuck between your teeth and gums and then you luck like you're swallowing your tongue as you try and remove them? probably it's just me.

FROM: daniel
DATE: Monday October 4, 2004 -- 8:39:42 pm
yeah, your not alone, i hate those things. they are hard to get out, sometimes i thikn you just leave them and they come out naturally:(

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Tuesday October 5, 2004 -- 10:49:45 am
My favorite is when you find the husk and it's been weeks since you've last had popcorn. You've brushed your teeth and flossed like forty or fifty times in the interum and and it's like, "Where the hell did you come from?"

FROM: maya
DATE: Saturday July 2, 2005 -- 12:29:30 am
i loved the half-poped popcorn. I hate when kernels get stuck in your teeth and gums. They get really sore too, but its so good you cant resist

FROM: snaily
DATE: Saturday July 2, 2005 -- 12:10:41 pm
i microwave it. i know its lazy but i tried jiffy pop once and it scratched my moms stove. she never let me 4get that. but i hate those yucky burnt kernel that get stuck in your teeth. especially when ur eating popcorn with somebody else and ur embarassed to spit the thing out into your hand

cmg September 19, 2006, 5:06 pm

i really like the popcorn that comes in like a tub… that you cook in the microwave? it comes out perfect every time… a few duds, but it’s perfectly buttery and not too salty. i don’t know the brand i got, but i got it from movie gallery, ha.

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