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February 25th, 2003

There’s No Clean Like a USB Clean

You have your iPod, you browse the web on your phone, you have a webcam implanted into your eyeball… just when you thought you had every gadget available comes the USB toothbrush, found by the folks at happily geeky Gizmodo. This goofy little device can be bought on the streets of Japan. What sort of information you’re going to transmit from your toothbrush (“On 2/25/2003, you brushed your teeth for 1.5 minutes”), I’m not sure… I imagine it just gets its power from the USB port rather than a traditional outlet. In that sense, maybe it makes sense for business travellers who don’t want to carry adapters with them when they’re visiting away from home.

I can’t believe I just found a justification for a USB toothbrush. Ignore the last sentence of the previous paragraph, please.

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