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February 26th, 2003

Springtime Oreos

Ryan is covering for Paul today while he saves the children.

The colored Oreos that hit the shelves on Halloween and Christmas have become commonplace… it’s not all that strange to have orange, red, or green creme between your cookies these days. In previous years, springtime colors were bright… the yellow creme actually looked decent and said “Hey! It’s almost Spring!” But this year, the springtime color of choice is purple. But not a bright purple… more like a dirty purple that looks like it’s been dragged along the ground and gathered a bit of dust. Sure, it still tastes like a regular Double-Stuf and it has cute little happy faces and flowers on the cookies, but the bizarre, bland purple coloring doesn’t really scream “Spring!” to me. Rather, it mutters “Grape Ape.”

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FROM: Matthew
DATE: Wednesday February 26, 2003 -- 2:28:43 pm
I hate purple, but it won't stop me from eating Oreos if someone puts them in front of me.

FROM: Robert [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday February 26, 2003 -- 6:21:52 pm
Purples says "bruises," not "spring." But yeah, I'd eat 'em, too.

FROM: Susan
DATE: Wednesday February 26, 2003 -- 7:59:38 pm
I like the holiday M&M's; pastel for spring, red & green for Christmas, etc.

Although I wouldn't turn down an Oreo, either. I know it's Spring when I can purchase Thin Mint cookies from the Girl Scouts.

FROM: Lindsey
DATE: Thursday February 27, 2003 -- 9:31:25 am
I think any colored food is a bit odd; if it is brown, it reminds me of chocolate; if it's red, cherry; if it's purple....? That just seems to be the limit.
Same with colored ketchup. Sure, green ketchup still tastes like red ketchup, but you know it's a dark day in Paradise when they have to make KETCHUP "fun for kids to eat." Give me a break!!!!

FROM: Nikki
DATE: Tuesday April 22, 2003 -- 1:38:59 am
Actually everyone is agreeing that the purple spring oreos are just sorta weird to look at, but you'd eat them nonetheless. Actually, I bought the purple Spring Oreos this year, and they do not taste like regular Oreos OR Double Stuf Oreos. They taste like generic chocoate w/white cream in them sandwich cookies.
And contrary to what y'all might be thinking-it's not the purple cream that made them nasty. The different chocolate cookies they put on these things (so they could imprint their little "spring pictures" on them, is what made them taste like crap. The cookie itself tastes funny.

FROM: Pumba
DATE: Thursday March 11, 2004 -- 5:02:29 pm
My favorite color is purple so I don't
object purple oreo's. I'M VOTING FOR THEM!

FROM: Sexy Lil Oreo
DATE: Friday March 26, 2004 -- 4:41:20 pm
I think maybe a light pink that tasted like cotton candy would be better for Easter than purple. But it's all good!

FROM: towinlovinit
DATE: Friday March 26, 2004 -- 5:46:05 pm
A pale yellow or light green would remind me of spring. I like the taste or those double-stuff. They should remain with the good taste and not ass flavoring to the inside. Just a nice color.

FROM: towinlovinit
DATE: Friday March 26, 2004 -- 5:46:55 pm
That was supposed to be "not add flavoring to the inside" not ass.

FROM: ganglia [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday February 17, 2005 -- 4:11:01 am
Funny, check this out:

I'm sure uve never seen oreos like that... seems like some weird mistake by the machines over at oreo's factories!

Danielle May 21, 2008, 5:50 pm

I want the YELLOW spring oreos back! And the only place that I can find them at is Target, and they don’t even carry that many! Yellow spring oreos are the best, and the happiest ever! Bring them back! Please!!!!

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