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March 4th, 2003

It Should Cost This Much…

Once you hit a certain age (probably around 20 or so), you start to feel a little of that “old person” syndrome creeping in. Kids’ music starts sounding funny, people drive worse, and best of all, things are more expensive than ever before.

I’ve been somewhat surprised about how quickly some things – mostly entertainment-related – have gotten expensive. Why, just yesterday I was thinking about how my first movie-going experiences cost less than $15 for the tickets; now, you can’t get in for less than $6 (for a matinee).

So, as with anything, I made a list of prices I feel I would pay for things. If we lived in a bartering society, and you were selling these things to me, this would be your cheat sheet. Mind you, I know these things are way off from the true cost of objects (as are the real prices), but humor me.

  • 5 Sticks of Gum: $0.25
  • Gallon of Gas: $0.99
  • CDs: $10
  • DVDs: $15
  • Cup of “Designer” Coffee: $2.50
  • Fast-food Meal: $3.00
  • Good Pair of Pants: $30
  • Good Shirt: $20
  • Car: $15,000
  • SUV: $100,000
  • House: $100,000

Now, let’s get cracking on that $100k house.

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