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March 27th, 2003

What were they thinking?

I’ve come across the most unfortunately named chain of stores in this country. Throughout middle America, especially concentrated in Iowa, is the Kum and Go chain of convenience stores. “Kum and Go: We Go All Out!” is their motto.

I’m sorry, maybe I’m sick-minded, but with that spelling and all… I can’t help but giggle like a little girl everytime I read that name. Kum and Go. Tee hee!

Anyone ever been to one? Anyone go there to buy… oh, never mind…

Posted in Just Plain Odd

FROM: Mike [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday March 27, 2003 -- 10:23:40 am
People in Iowa don't have dirty little minds like you do, sicko.

I was visiting my sister in L.A. a few years ago and saw a Chinese restaurant in a phone book named 'My Dung'.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Thursday March 27, 2003 -- 10:40:51 am
I should also mention the restaurant at Eden in Falls Church, VA called "Hung Long..."

I saw "My Dung" several times in Vietnam as the name of restaurants, electronics stores, etc... it made me laugh every time. I'm pretty sure I never matured past the age of 12.

FROM: dave
DATE: Thursday March 27, 2003 -- 2:28:16 pm
There's a hair salon in the Northern Virginia phone book called Cao Dung.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Thursday March 27, 2003 -- 3:34:47 pm
That's in Eden, right near Hung Long.

FROM: Robert [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday March 27, 2003 -- 6:47:46 pm
Don't forget the Fu Kien chinese joint in Fredericksburg, VA.

FROM: Dave Walls
DATE: Thursday March 27, 2003 -- 8:50:29 pm
This Ping reminds me of the movie "Wayne's World", in which Wayne is offered Chinese food, and says, "I'll have the cream of Sum Yung Guy".

DATE: Friday March 28, 2003 -- 8:12:16 am
This takes me backto a couple of classic Pings referring to the Engrish website ( which serves to highlight situations where our (in the main) oriental cousins either struggle with translation or completely miss the phonetic similarity to certain english phrases.

Following on from this I can actually partake in a little French-bashing (now it's internationally acceptable to do so). I'm not how popular a model it has been in America, but Toyota have long had a nice little 2-seater called the MR2. In French this is pronounced Emm Air Deux, which sounds too close to Merde (shit) for the French to have ever really warmed to it.

This could take us into a whole new ping on products from home and abroad that have silly names...

FROM: Old Fezziwig
DATE: Friday March 28, 2003 -- 4:27:31 pm the TV show "Joanie Loves Chachi" - - highest rated debut ever in Korea since apparently in Korean chachi means penis. I bet they were real disappointed to see what the show really was.

FROM: Robin
DATE: Saturday February 5, 2005 -- 3:24:23 pm
"highest rated debut ever in Korea"
urban legend

FROM: brianna [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday February 9, 2005 -- 5:43:08 pm

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