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March 28th, 2003


A couple of days ago I decided to download NetNewsWire Lite, a fine RSS reader for OS X, because I was getting tired of hearing about RSS feeds. And I tell you, my ways have started to change.

I’ve used RSS feeds before – even made a few, in my time – but I always thought it was easier to just flip through sites in my browser of choice. RSS feeds let me see instantly, though, what’s new – and the ability to group them in whatever format I choose is really handy. Whereas they felt redundant before, they now seem to be a great time-saver.

It’s a very cool technology, and the portability is a bonus. If you have a laptop of course, you can download headlines in the morning – some with complete articles – and read them on the way to work. Super handy, and almost Jetsons-like.

Have you embraced RSS?

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