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March 29th, 2003


One of the finest inventions of the 20th Century surely was the breadmaker. Never had it been so easy to make a loaf of fresh bread and get the great-smelling house that comes with it. I’ve got to say, I’ve grown to love our breadmaker in the last several months. I’m not as insane about it as this person who makes a loaf every day (!), but it is a nice invention for those of us who aren’t the greatest bakers in the world but still like to fill the house with food aromas and our stomachs with tasty bread.

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FROM: vlm
DATE: Saturday March 29, 2003 -- 12:28:57 pm
Yes, I'm with you on this one. I love my breadmaker. I love making bread, pizza dough, pasta dough, cinnamon roll dough, and even jam in my breadmaker. I especially adore those Bob's Red Mill bread mixes in a bag; the Potato Bread version makes insanely great French toast, and the Rye is better than anything I ever bought in a store.

However, I think my mother likes her breadmaker even more than I do, because the ability to control the ingredients means she can make extremely low sodium bread that still tastes good, a high-demand product for those with sodium-control issues. Simply awesome.

FROM: Chris [E-Mail]
DATE: Saturday March 29, 2003 -- 4:06:23 pm
I timed it out so that we would have fresh bread baking during the open houses when we were selling the house. Didn't get us a buyer though.
We used ours a lot before we had kids. We used to make fresh pasta too, waffles from scratch, homebrew my own beer, etc.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Saturday March 29, 2003 -- 9:52:02 pm
I also got a pasta maker a few weeks ago that I have yet to try... looking forward to it...

FROM: joann r. brawner
DATE: Sunday February 1, 2004 -- 12:08:12 pm
Tell me how to access millionaire
game to try out to be a contestant

FROM: Paul
DATE: Sunday February 1, 2004 -- 12:35:18 pm
Learn how to use the Internet...?

FROM: jk
DATE: Sunday February 1, 2004 -- 3:25:15 pm
huh? Oh I get it, Paul! Bread = dough. Can you tell me where to get lots of bread? mmmmmmm

FROM: Paul
DATE: Sunday February 1, 2004 -- 3:37:26 pm
Pretty good, jk! Nice detective work.

I suggest everyone head to their local banks for bread. er, dough.

DATE: Sunday April 4, 2004 -- 6:45:44 pm
At a loaf-a-day, one might pinch an additional "loaf" each day.

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