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April 22nd, 2003

New York Auto Show

It looks like your car choices in the near future will be:


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FROM: Chris
DATE: Tuesday April 22, 2003 -- 10:47:56 am
If I have to start commuting into DC (a definite possibility) I'm thinking about getting a Prius so I can use the HOV lanes.

FROM: Game Show Man Joe [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday April 22, 2003 -- 11:50:17 am
I'll just stick to my PT Cruiser, thanks.

FROM: towinlovinit
DATE: Tuesday April 22, 2003 -- 12:20:14 pm
I'll stay with my older Nissan. Do you know what those cars of the future are made of? You might as well be riding a motorcycle with out a helmet.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Tuesday April 22, 2003 -- 1:45:01 pm
I'll stick to mine too, Joe.

Though if it suddenly got 55 mpg, that'd be nice.

FROM: Dave Walls
DATE: Tuesday April 22, 2003 -- 6:15:52 pm
Hey, if your car is pure EVIL, does that mean it's on the "Highway to Hell"? *rim shot*

Thanks, I'll be here all week. Remember to tip your waitress.

FROM: jk
DATE: Tuesday April 22, 2003 -- 11:03:10 pm
Thank you for making me laugh, Dave. I need to laugh loudly from time to time.

I have caught a glimpse of the new VW Golf which we will see in 2005, and the headlights are too pointy. It looks boxy and a lot like the Audi A3, available only in Germany and built on the Golf platform.

FROM: Marcus Mackey
DATE: Monday May 5, 2003 -- 4:12:18 pm
I saw the photos of the new Golf too, although I'm not so sure those were the "real deal" jk. I was looking through a set out of curiousity of what the next generation would look like (was actually looking for the Jetta, but the GTI is another fave of mine and was on the site... they lured me in, and as it turned out, the Jetta photos were "supposedly" of the Passat, which had me bummed 'cause I've yet to find Jetta photos) and I noticed that in all of the computer generated spy images, that they had 2 different sets of taillights on the Golf/GTI renderings. One had a more Golf-like set of taillights (squared or triangulated), while the other copied the Phaeton's, which is an elongated ovoid shape that, awkwardly in this case, was split by the hatch on either side. It didn't work for me with the squareness of the shape.

From the front, the headlights looked too big for the Golf's shape, and definitely as you note... too pointy. They looked like oversized variants of the current model's lights. Something tells me this 'ISN'T' going to be how it looks.

VW Spy Photos at

As far as boxy... it's a Golf/GTI; which hasn't really changed it's overall shape dramatically in quite some time. I doubt it will with the next generation. Believe it or not, while VW tends to gravitate towards "young and hip" over here, VW's in Germany are classified as "old people's" cars. Strikes me wierd... but at least they have taste. :) I'd like to see more of the Beetle brought into the roofline of the Jetta and Golf, much as VW has managed with the Phaeton and Passat over the last few redesigns, with that very curved high roof look... it ties the line together to make it instantly "VW". Yet I doubt it'll happen on the Golf/GTI because... it'd cut into the utility of the model. Maybe a slight bit of a more rounded hatch roof (sort of how the Focus 3-door works as it slopes back, or like the Matrix/Vibe) would carry the idea though.

I was more impressed with the Jetta/Passat renderings (hard to say which they are, they think it's Passat but say the Jetta will look sort of like this, and my feeling is the Jetta will gain some length so it'll be more Passat sized). The nose in the numerous photos still had oddities in terms of light shape... in that from one photo to the next, none of the lights matched (yet all seemed to look attractive). LoL Yet the shape was very much A4, which sat well with me... because I love the Audi A4, but I can't really afford one unless I opt for a non-Quattro version. Quite frankly, buying an Audi without Quattro strikes me like buying a Corvette with a 4-cylinder. It's blasphemy! The A3 is attractive, but it's a bit pointy in the nose, more haunched than the rest of the Audi line, and personally goes away from the TT-esque styling of the A4, A6 and TT itself. A crying shame if you ask me... as the TT was one of the most beautiful and inventive automotive shapes I'd seen in awhile.

Then again... the R32 (GTI) had me drooling. I've been waiting to see this car brought over. I just hate to see the pricing on it. LoL It's probably going to cost a fortune since it has the 3.2 VR6 with like 240 horsepower, and 4-Motion AWD and we're talking a German car which costs more anyhow by default (although for the interior quality and exterior quality, well worth it... they're head and shoulders above the Japanese, that are head and shoulder above the American and Korean cars). Might as well just price the A4 1.8T model with Tiptronic if I were to go that direction pricewise. The 1.8T has more than enough power (and better low-end grunt than a lot of 4-cylinders) for the size of car it's toting in the A4, and it weighs less too, and is whisper silent, and gets awesome mileage. My buddies Jetta GLS is quite amazing, and that's what got me checking all of this out. I always liked the Jetta's shape, and after riding in one... it's almost a no-contest. Although I look at the Subaru Impreza WRX and drool for what it provides too. LoL

Oh and on the 300C....

Garish/ugly is the order of the day with the 300C concept. It had Paul and I cringing and yammering in emails because we're both notoriously fans of Chrysler styling. I loved the 300M, and expected the 300N (next in the letter series game) to look more like a RWD version of the 300M. Instead it looks like a 1970's-80's Dodge Diplomat or Chrysler New Yorker Fifth Avenue. Even the profile shot with the upright nose, and ultra mild cant to the rear end follows the Diplomat/Fifth Avenue body silouette to a T.

Luckily I saw the Airflite, and while it's still a big bulky chiseled masochistic looking shape, it's got enough Crossfire shapeliness to it to not look like a regurgitated and Americanized Volvo. I don't understand the fascination with late 70's and early 1980's styling... it was one of the worst periods for auto styling in America's history. Ford's 70's inspired interior on the 427 (which ironically has 60's inspired exterior lines... which were quite attractive, but needs more character like the old Galaxy and Fairlane which were a blending of edges and curves/radii... whereas the 427 is like an Arts and Science/New Edge interpretation to classic design, and it tends to look slightly forced), wasn't all that eye pleasing... but Chrysler's opted to take it as the gamut of the line it seems. ::gag:: Pacifica is sharp, the Crossfire is attractive but the concept's nose looked better for the body and was more inventive, and the 300C Sedan looks flat-out ugly (easily the most disappointing car I've seen considering how much I love the 300 series), Magnum is "okay", 300C Convertible is attractive (while appearing a lot like a Mercedes SL, which isn't necessarily bad), and the Airflite is probably the best of the "sedan" bunch, but that's not to say that it still doesn't look a bit awkward, but it looks more sporty and attractive than the rest. It's like a longer wheelbase, 4-door, hatch-equipped Crossfire (or AMC Marlin) with the 300C's/Magnum's bulky center. If they can offset some of the heft, the 300x would do better to be based on the Airflite, while they can hopefully redesign the Concorde or whatever Chrysler calls it to look... ummm... different, but hopefully nothing like the Caprice/Diplomat/LTD Crown Vic. look of the 300C Sedan concept.

FROM: marciano
DATE: Thursday March 11, 2004 -- 7:46:08 pm

FROM: rauf
DATE: Wednesday March 24, 2004 -- 8:51:40 am

FROM: joe joe
DATE: Friday March 26, 2004 -- 12:18:45 pm
well I will just stay with the all important 96 Dogde neon or my 03 ram 1500. But I CANT wait for the chrysler 300 c

DATE: Sunday March 28, 2004 -- 3:03:44 pm

FROM: Gene
DATE: Tuesday March 30, 2004 -- 4:40:15 pm
I the the LEXUS "Pure Evil" is pretty hot

FROM: joe joe
DATE: Sunday April 18, 2004 -- 10:43:14 am
lexus sucks a 300c could put them in the dust

DATE: Thursday April 22, 2004 -- 9:31:35 am

FROM: Paul
DATE: Thursday April 22, 2004 -- 10:27:20 am
It's nice to see the highly educated 300C crowd making a showing in this Ping, too.

FROM: joe joe
DATE: Thursday April 29, 2004 -- 10:17:04 am
you bet 300 c can stomp the competion. not only with its 5.7 hemi but with pure rear toque and horse power. there is no stoping the 300 hemi c!!!!!!!!!!

FROM: Paul
DATE: Friday April 30, 2004 -- 9:47:56 am
Indeed, the "competion" will not be stomped. I admit I don't know what rear "toque" is, though. And what is "stoping?"

FROM: joe joe
DATE: Wednesday May 5, 2004 -- 3:08:31 pm
your on a car web site tring to dis the competion and you dont know what toque is?? Maybe you learn a thing or two then start to type. Please the 5.7 hemi will stomp most anything that it is put up against.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Thursday May 6, 2004 -- 4:28:03 pm
Oh, this is good.

your [sic] on a car web site tring [sic] to dis the competion [sic] and you dont know what toque [sic]is??

Say there, buddy boy, you might want to learn how to use AOL a little more. This isn't a "car web site."

And for cryin' out loud, I know what torque is. Not "toque." Toque is meaningless. Toque is a typo although, given that you posted it twice, maybe it isn't. Maybe toque refers to the Ugly Stick (tm) the Chrysler 300 was beat with.

Maybe you learn a thing or two then start to type.

I type 95 WPM, chum. You name the place. I'll type your pants off!

Please the 5.7 hemi will stomp most anything that it is put up against.

I want to congratulate you for posting one complete sentence in the English language.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Thursday May 6, 2004 -- 4:30:53 pm
Oh, by the way, I took the ten seconds it takes to look a word up online. And guess what? Toque is a word!

Unfortunately for our visitor, it means "A plumed velvet cap with a full crown and small rolled brim, worn in 16th-century France."

So unless the 300C comes with a matching hat, I think it's just a typo.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Thursday May 6, 2004 -- 4:35:43 pm

FROM: Greg
DATE: Thursday May 6, 2004 -- 5:10:47 pm
Great! Now I have a new word for Boggle and Scrabble!

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday May 6, 2004 -- 6:37:27 pm
Nice! Now I am fully ready to be a contestant on Lingo!

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday May 6, 2004 -- 7:12:50 pm
I bet joe joe was wearing a toque as he posted his first message.

FROM: joe joe
DATE: Sunday May 9, 2004 -- 6:44:50 pm
sorry guys but when I have not sleep in 3 days toque and torque look just alike. sorry for the typo. Still i wouldn't drive anything but a dodge, chrysler, or jeep unless it were given to me. Given the second time i typed toque it was just myself in a rush before i had to leave for ATL. Sorry for any inconvience. Really why would anyone want to type my pants off. Also i'm sorry that you pay for AOL.

FROM: Jeff
DATE: Monday May 10, 2004 -- 6:03:38 pm
I'm sorry to but in, but I'm from Canada and up here a "toque" is just a hat you wear in the winter to keep your head warm.

FROM: jp
DATE: Tuesday May 11, 2004 -- 8:01:42 am
This is pretty funny. I was just reading the comments and I am puzzled as to what "competion" means. Anybody?

FROM: Sally Gonzalez
DATE: Wednesday May 12, 2004 -- 2:04:40 pm
What kind of car is that in the picture?

FROM: Paul
DATE: Wednesday May 12, 2004 -- 2:32:30 pm
That's my face:

FROM: howard
DATE: Sunday May 16, 2004 -- 7:03:31 pm

FROM: glory [E-Mail]
DATE: Sunday May 23, 2004 -- 5:22:25 pm
chrisler now i like your car chrysler 300 is the best best best best best best car i like
g-unit lil glory

FROM: guillermo
DATE: Tuesday May 25, 2004 -- 5:48:46 pm

DATE: Tuesday June 1, 2004 -- 1:00:01 am

FROM: george
DATE: Thursday June 3, 2004 -- 9:17:21 pm
300 c is the best car in the world if any of u imbosals new that your wouldnt be biquring. its funny to me i laugh at u all. theres only one other engine that comes close to the hemi and thats a airplane engine!!! so quit your yellin and fuss casue the 300 c will blow your mind

FROM: george
DATE: Thursday June 3, 2004 -- 9:21:04 pm
hahahahahahahahahahah 300 c is better than a lotus, laborgani, ferrari and anyhting else u thrwo at it i want to applaude all of u morons clap clap hahah u r all dumb except for the ppl that like the 300 c and agree if u do say hell yes!!!

FROM: Paul
DATE: Thursday June 3, 2004 -- 10:26:38 pm

It's better than a pasta?

FROM: Chrissthiann Strüderggehnn
DATE: Sunday July 11, 2004 -- 2:51:44 am
I had never seen a car like this, 300 C is the best car, even though I had changed some details, for me it's almost perfect!

FROM: Marküs Schmëtzbaüermann
DATE: Sunday July 11, 2004 -- 3:01:43 am
Jeder ist zu dumm, Ihre Anmerkungen sind schrecklich, eine was für Schande!

FROM: Χριστιανική Αθήνα
DATE: Sunday July 11, 2004 -- 3:05:26 am
Καθένας είναι πάρα πολύ ηλίθιος, τα σχόλιά σας είναι φοβερά, τι μια ντροπή!

FROM: some guy
DATE: Monday November 1, 2004 -- 2:15:47 am
300 C is a great car. Diamler Chrysler is a great company. If I were to change make it would have to be BMW because it is the seccond greatest thing. As for the tard that thinks 300 C is better than "laborgani" who do you think owns Lamborgini?(check spelling) goofy ass. Now i am a chrysler fan but im sure there are alot of cars that are quite faster than the 300C. Mercedes Benz CLK 55 for instance...smoke the 300C but it is also a Diamler Chrysler product. so what can i say?

FROM: Sebring Driver
DATE: Sunday December 5, 2004 -- 12:46:43 am
The 300c is the best car made by chrysler right now. Has the room, the hp, the fuel economy, the handling, if i could afford one that would be my first car, better stocked than those import tuners

FROM: Derek Nelson
DATE: Wednesday December 8, 2004 -- 1:21:40 pm
Your all very misled people, chrylser was shit, is shit, and always will be shit, if you want a car that looks cool and is a piece of shit get a fucking DeLorean, at least it will be moderatly unique unlike the try-to-be a-pimp 300c (c=crap). Oh, and if power is concerned, you narrow minded idiots don't even mention an '05 stang, which would tear the panties of a 300c-rap in neutral while costing the same. Its okay-nobody perfect.

DATE: Sunday June 26, 2005 -- 6:05:49 pm
I don't know about all those cars but I have a Dodge Diplomat and its a fucking piece of shit. I hate it and if someone would come burn it to the ground for me I would be happy to supply the gasoline.

DATE: Tuesday September 13, 2005 -- 8:21:47 pm

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