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July 7th, 2003

One Minute Vacations

Have you ever closed your eyes and been able to envision yourself in a totally different location? Well, Aaron over at The Quiet American is helping you put yourself in a foreign land, one minute at a time.

Aaron, a traveller that loves to record ambient sounds from the places he visits (often using binaural equipment and techniques giving the listener a very cool 3-D spatial effect when listening with headphones), has invited others to send in sound clips from their own travels. The quality of the recording doesn’t matter as much as the mood, so some contributors have used fancy DAT recorders or field Minidisc recorders, other have just used handheld tape decks. Each week, Aaron puts up a one-minute MP3 to help you transport yourself on a quickie mental vacation. At the end of the year, he sells the collection on CD-R.

It’s a great project and one of those sites you can easily spend hours at, especially if you’re one of those people that can be engrossed by ambient sounds as you are by composed music. Keep an eye out in coming weeks: you may see someone you know with a featured sound (fingers crossed).

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