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November 21st, 2003

How Lego Bricks are Made

I’m filling in for Ryan while he circumnavigates the Eisenhower Expressway in Chicago.

I know this one went around a few days ago, but it’s so good: a Flash and QuickTime movie on how Lego bricks are made.

The detail is so fantastic that you must check it out. Must!

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FROM: Chris
DATE: Friday November 21, 2003 -- 9:36:29 am
That was a cool link. Let us all praise Paul, as Ryan would never deliver to us a link this cool :)

FROM: Paul
DATE: Friday November 21, 2003 -- 10:35:45 am
I bring you links, Ryan brings you Roomba accidents. That's how it works.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Friday November 21, 2003 -- 8:08:09 pm
Usually Paul's links are to some lame computer or internet applications.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Saturday November 22, 2003 -- 10:36:26 am
Except when they're not, about 90% of the time. 10%! That's all I ask!

FROM: Matt
DATE: Saturday November 22, 2003 -- 1:25:44 pm
Paul I'm just kidding with you. But please, less web based pings

FROM: Paul
DATE: Saturday November 22, 2003 -- 3:18:27 pm
Matt: they're all web-based! (Just kidding with you too.)

FROM: Marcus Mackey
DATE: Sunday November 23, 2003 -- 8:13:43 am
C'mon Matt, us eternally geeky ex-Berwynites (As the Son of Sven Ghoulie would say: BERWYN!!!!!) need to get our Slashdot fixes on every 2.485 seconds. ;) We figured you'd know that by now?!?!

Without it... we get this insatiable urge to try that muskratt/lampur turd coffee Ryan enlightened us to eons back. ;) Either that or we just try to find newer and more intriguing ways to sneak into Ryan's house and hook a R/C car receiver up to his Roomba (and find a way to control it via a shell script linked to a daemon in Terminal in OS X). ;) Gives us hours of enjoyment in having him figure out why it keeps crashing. :) ::chuckling::

Bowing to Andy Ihnatko, you truly are a genius and a mentor.


Be afraid... be verrry afraid. LoL


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