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February 15th, 2004

Nexcare Bandages

It’s hard to find an adhesive bandage (a Band-Aid, if you prefer) that works well under pressure. And by pressure, I mean a day’s worth of hand-washing. Most plastic bandages that you put on your hand will lose their grip in a short time span and the flexible ones tend to get very dark and nasty because they retain water. But my mom found a good solution, and thusfar I agree with her: Nexcare (by 3M) Comfort Bandages (the ones whose label says “suitable for wet skin” or some such). I had tried their terrible transparent Waterproof Bandages before and was incredible annoyed by everything from their non-standard application to their lack of stick to their tendency to roll up and shrivel before you could ever finish putting it on. But their Comfort Bandages stick well, hold extremely well (a day-and-a-half seems to be the average, in my experience), and are relatively economical.

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Dave July 28, 2011, 5:06 am

I’m using Nexcare Comfort bandages on a wound I got on the back/side of my knee. The one I used the first day worked great, stayed on all day, was comfortable, etc. But now I’m on day three, and for whatever reason yesterday’s and today’s are just not staying on. It is maddening.

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