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February 22nd, 2004

Bad Movies are Very Popular

Last night when I was at the movies, there was a handmade sign out front stating that the 7:30 showing of Starsky and Hutch was sold out. Sold out. I understand it’s an advance screening (rare for Denver,) but what’s up with all of this… crap being popular?

I’m not here to say that it all stinks, and that everyone else’s opinion is wrong (even though it is.) But why are bad movies popular? Last week’s top five movies included You Got Served. Is it because people don’t mind paying $9 for entirely mindless entertainment (preceeded by 20 minutes of commercials?) Is it because people don’t care? Or is it just a lack of real options from the movie industry?

After all, this is the same industry that runs that damned anti-piracy ad before each movie and proclaims, “Movies: They’re Worth It.” But man, You Got Served?!? That’s not worth it, is it?

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