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February 22nd, 2004

Bad Movies are Very Popular

Last night when I was at the movies, there was a handmade sign out front stating that the 7:30 showing of Starsky and Hutch was sold out. Sold out. I understand it’s an advance screening (rare for Denver,) but what’s up with all of this… crap being popular?

I’m not here to say that it all stinks, and that everyone else’s opinion is wrong (even though it is.) But why are bad movies popular? Last week’s top five movies included You Got Served. Is it because people don’t mind paying $9 for entirely mindless entertainment (preceeded by 20 minutes of commercials?) Is it because people don’t care? Or is it just a lack of real options from the movie industry?

After all, this is the same industry that runs that damned anti-piracy ad before each movie and proclaims, “Movies: They’re Worth It.” But man, You Got Served?!? That’s not worth it, is it?

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FROM: Matt
DATE: Sunday February 22, 2004 -- 1:42:59 pm
People are morons. Look at who we pick as our leading candidates for the Presidential race.

I seldom spend the full price for a damn movie. I usually see either matinees or use the student discount, and only see about 5 or 6 movies a year tops.

FROM: towinlovinit
DATE: Sunday February 22, 2004 -- 3:16:16 pm
$9.00 for a movie, NO WAY! I'm a cheap-o. Its wait til it's at the video and then I rent 1 price for the whole family. Even then, it has to be really good or it doesn't get rented either. We all watch too many movies anyway. I movie at home is about 2 hours. And then you want to rent another movie for another 2 hours. There has got to be other things to do then just sit and watch movies!

FROM: Kate
DATE: Sunday February 22, 2004 -- 8:50:30 pm
Wow. I only go to the movies occasionally, and even then they cost way too much. If I want to see a -bad- one, I'll just go to the Wal-Mart $6 bin and pick one up. Now I can watch "Godzilla vs. Mothra" as often as I want!!

FROM: Matt
DATE: Monday February 23, 2004 -- 12:38:15 am
I think the first bad movie to gain popularity was Citizen Kane.

FROM: Ace High
DATE: Monday February 23, 2004 -- 12:43:28 am
It used to be there would be a hit movie, then there would be a bastardized version as a TV series with a different cast. Now they take a hit series and make a bastardized versin as a movie with a different cast. What's with that?

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Monday February 23, 2004 -- 6:10:59 am
Good point, Ace. If I see one more promo for Starsky & Hutch (which still doesn't get released for TWO WEEKS), I'm gonna hurt someone. I love Ben Stiller, but man, this one looks bad. What is left from TV that they haven't made into a bad movie?

FROM: Greg
DATE: Monday February 23, 2004 -- 10:25:56 am
$10 says there's a "Starsky and Hutch 2" and "You Got Served Again" within 18 months from now.

FROM: ryan
DATE: Wednesday February 25, 2004 -- 2:27:57 pm
the movie industry is just like any other pop-driven media industry. music, television, etc. it used to be, or it seems, that companies would seek out talent, sign that talent to long-term contracts, and expect it to make the company money over a long(er) period of time.

that is no longer the case. as it is harder to find long-lasting talent than it is to find this week's "hit". companies produce things as fast and as cheaply as they can get away with, sell it to the masses by cramming handfulls of ads down everyone's throats, and make as much money as they can on the opening day/weekend. once word gets out that the movie/cd/show is crap and not worth the price, the money train is over. but if they company faked out enough idiots over those few days, they've made a profit.

more importantly, they've left people wanting something else, something new, because what they got was crap. the consumers end up with nothing, basically, and want something else to fill that "hole".

enter company..

FROM: dave
DATE: Wednesday February 25, 2004 -- 4:28:03 pm
$10 also says we'll see The Passion of the Christ 2: Lethal Jesus in 18 months.

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday February 25, 2004 -- 8:44:59 pm
There's a part of me that I know should be a slight bit offended at that, but I'm too busy laughing..nice one dave!

As soon as I read that, I had serious flashbacks to "UHF" and the parody of "Ghandi 2"..

"No more Mr. Passive Resistance...he's out to kick some butt!"

FROM: MollyCule
DATE: Saturday February 28, 2004 -- 9:00:30 pm
In Cleveland at Tower City Cinema, there was a riot during the opening weekend of You Got Served because a show was sold out. Kind of sad, huh?

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Sunday February 29, 2004 -- 9:38:41 pm
Did the headline of the local paper read, "THEY DIDN'T GET SERVED..." ?


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