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February 23rd, 2004

Free Hawaii?

When I was at a show in DC this past weekend, I noticed a hanging banner that read “” “Free Hawaii?” I thought, “What’s this all about?” I figured perhaps it had something to do with Hawaii’s statehood, though I hadn’t heard anything of it before. It looks like that’s the case.

Wading through the painfully designed web site, it appears that this sovereignty committee alleges that Hawaii never legally became a US territory, let alone a US state… they claim that the transfer of land was made “under duress,” which makes it illegal. They’re calling for Hawaii to be returned to its people so that it can again be an independent nation.

I fancy myself relatively informed about world affairs, but I admit that this is the first time I’d even heard about this issue. It sounds like there are some legitimate arguments and I wouldn’t mind seeing the issue debated.

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