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February 24th, 2004

Reusable Bags

In light of my Ping last week about napkins, here’s a fantastic store found via Ellen: Reusable Bags.

They have some fantastic stuff, including the Wrap-N-Mat that seems to be the perfect solution to the sandwich baggie problem. Speaking of which, they have a way to get bags out of trees.

Great stuff, this. I always feel guilty for getting bags at the store – even though they’re reused religiously in our home.

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FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday February 24, 2004 -- 12:50:28 am
I have a mesh tote that I bought from the local Giant and I use that every time I shop, whether I'm getting one bagful or a whole cart's worth. It just means one less plastic bag I have to bring bag to recycle (or one less paper bag to use to hold our recycling). Plus I get 3 whole cents credit each time I use it!

The sandwich bag issue has never been much of a problem for me -- I'll reuse sandwich bags until the fall apart. One bag for my sandwich and one bag for my snacks. They last quite a long time, so I don't feel quite so guilty about using them.

I try to minimize my use of bags as much as possible... I'll never bother with a bag at a bookstore and if I can walk out of a store comfortably with my merchandise, I'll ask them to "hold the bag."

That's a cool site, though. It really meshes with my beliefs. Har!

FROM: miss ellen [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday February 24, 2004 -- 3:35:09 pm
i also thought the sandwich "mat" was pretty neat! i don't usually bring sandwiches for lunch, but it would be great for all our school-aged friends...

FROM: towinlovinit
DATE: Tuesday February 24, 2004 -- 11:28:02 pm
With my family size, I use bags and use them for everything from book covers to carry all those library books back to the library. My kids use them for crafts, christmas/easter/4th of july/etc decorations. They spray paint on them and use them to protect the driveway when spray painting or changing oil. Those paper bags gets so much use around here, they don't have the opportunity to lay around and go to waste. Sorry, but I don't think I could get my groceries in a cloth bag. Also my sandwiche bags get the same treatment. Used til you can't use them NO more.

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Thursday April 22, 2004 -- 12:39:59 pm
They don't even have paper or plastic bags in Europe (so I'm told). Apparently, they never did. Everyone reuses canvas bags. I've noticed some grocery stores here in CT selling canvas grocery bags, but they're not cheap. They'll have to take the free ones away first before I can see many people buying them.

And if they get rid of the disposeable little plastic bags, then I'm going to have to buy little disposeable plastic bags to put my dog's dookie in when I take him for a walk.

Sounds like a way to get me to pay for something I can get for "free" anyway. I'm sure the cost of the "free" bags is recovered in my overall grocery price. If I start buying canvas bags, will the price of groceries come down? Nope. I'll just have to pay for canvas and dookie bags now. Europeans must like to get ripped off.

FROM: Jazz
DATE: Monday May 23, 2005 -- 10:27:49 am
I bought some great canvas grocery bags from the Wildwood Cottage that I've had for a few years. They've held up well to my weekly shopping trips.

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