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March 23rd, 2004

The Official Sponsor of Everything!

Last night I attended a basketball game, and while I’ve been to sporting events before, I still walked away a little surprised by the sheer amount of advertising and sponsorship.

While we were at Pepsi Center, I learned that Acme Brick is the official brick of the Denver Nuggets. King Soopers is the official grocery store. Tan the Moon is the official tanning salon of the Denver Nuggets Dancers. Frontier Airlines? Official airline. Denver Post? Official newspaper. I was half-expecting Charmin to be the official toilet paper of the Denver Nuggets. (Carmelo Anthony loves its softness!)

I guess, though, it’s not that different from NASCAR, baseball, or anything else. So I’m wondering if the Ping should sell sponsorships. For instance, The Official Dumbass of the Daily Ping. Sounds nice, eh? It can be yours, for just a few mil….

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