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March 25th, 2004

Seems Schiesty to Me

Heard an interesting thing on the way into work this morning: apparently some government agencies recently started blocking for their employees. “Makes sense,” you say, “It’s got to have T&A all over it, right?”

Nope. Not a bit. In fact, it’s entirely politically-oriented with details about the FCC’s recent clampdown on so-called “indecency” as well as articles supporting Stern’s claim that we need to get George Bush out of office.

I can’t imagine this is the case of filtering software automatically blocking his site, because he’s never had anything indecent there… in fact, this is the first time he’s had anything there. Unless it’s a standard policy to block political sites from within government walls, which I can’t imagine would be the case, this sounds pretty shady to me.

Perhaps some of our government employment Pingers can try this for themselves and report back on both and some other overtly political sites.

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