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May 23rd, 2004

The Digital Archive Project

Thanks to Pinger Aaron for pointing out a great resource for television geeks: The Digital Archive Project, a collaborative effort to make archival quality copies of television shows available until they become available on DVD. The collection includes over 225 episodes of Mystery Science Theatre 3000, 17 episodes of Max Headroom, 70 episodes of Duckman, 73 episodes of Parker Lewis Can’t Lose, and plenty of stand-up acts. The custom set-up of the eDonkey 2000 client is a little involved, but after the 20 minute setup, you too can have access to the vast library of recent cult hits. Of course, with the size of these files (figure about 350 megs per half-hour), you’ll definitely want a high-speed connection. Dial-up won’t cut it.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to get back to downloading Brian Regan’s recent Comedy Central special.

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