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July 22nd, 2004

Ken Jennings: Unstoppable

I’m now convinced: Jeopardy! champion Ken Jennings, whose winnings currently top $1.1 million, is unstoppable.

The thing is, I like the guy too. There are a few who dislike Ken, but come on. He’s a total geek (works in software, collects comic books, has pop culture knowledge that would fit in well with both Ryan’s and mine, even posts at the Jeopardy! forum on Television Without Pity,) he has a ton of knowledge on useful and useless stuff, and has an incredible command of the Jeopardy! buzzer. He even signs his names differently every day. Generally by the time Final Jeopardy! rolls around, the game is a done deal… there’ve been just a few times when Ken was actually in a potential losing situation.

My prediction: Ken will continue unchallenged through at least half of the next season of Jeopardy! (The current season ends this Friday.) He’ll lose on a day where all the categories are sports-related, and the other two contestants are sports geniuses. Then, Ken will replace Alex Trebek as host of Jeopardy!

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FROM: Chris [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday July 22, 2004 -- 8:10:18 am
Are we sure he is human? He could be a robot - part of a promotion for I, Robot.

I thought he might run the board in round one last night.

FROM: Monica
DATE: Thursday July 22, 2004 -- 11:15:33 am
my grandmother and I were rooting for the other people, because he seemed smug. That's not cool.
It must be very frustrating to be one of the other contestants he goes up against, but at least they can say they lost to "that guy"....

FROM: Kate
DATE: Thursday July 22, 2004 -- 11:31:14 am
I wonder how long he will go, or if they will ask him to retire first. Otherwise, it's kind of like "Win Ken Jenning's Money."

FROM: David
DATE: Thursday July 22, 2004 -- 11:32:47 am
"...he has a ton of knowledge on useful and useless stuff..."

If it's earned him $1.1 million, I'd say it's all useful.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Thursday July 22, 2004 -- 12:31:50 pm
Ken doesn't come across as smug to me, but then, I've read his posts at Television Without Pity and that gives a different perspective. There was one time when he was the only player with money, hit a Daily Double and once Alex told him he was the only one with money he said, "That's cool." But he later admitted it came across poorly and was a bad thing to say.

Chris: Ken could be a robot. I think they were beta testing with Dick Clark, and Ken is the first release candidate.

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday July 22, 2004 -- 7:29:39 pm
I agree, Paul. I follow TVP's forums, and Ken doesnt come off as smug. Having him interact with some of his former opponents in the forums helps show what a truly nice guy he is.

I think the best sign of what a truly humble guy is the fact that Ken won't break the single day record, because "it belongs to a great player who didn't have the benefit of unlimited winnings."

If Ken comes off as smug, that show of respect for the show and the other players should wipe it away.

That said, the guy is a trivia machine. I thought I was really good at trivia, but Ken makes me look silly.

FROM: jk
DATE: Thursday July 22, 2004 -- 8:32:28 pm
I had to laugh that no one tonight could name either of REO Speedwagon's number 1 hits!

Kind of like Brad Rutter, he has learned so much by paying attention. I pay attention, but lose 95% of everything shortly thereafter. I truly marvel at the knowledge he possesses, and I can't believe the season is about to end. Brad Rutter says there's a rumor that Ken reaches $2 million.

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday July 22, 2004 -- 11:57:09 pm
Good call, jk! I was watching when that happen and Ken had this open mouthed look on his face when the answer was posted. You could almost see him thinking "I can't believe the only question I'm missing tonight is REO Speedwagon."

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday July 22, 2004 -- 11:57:09 pm
Good call, jk! I was watching when that happen and Ken had this open mouthed look on his face when the answer was posted. You could almost see him thinking "I can't believe the only question I'm missing tonight is REO Speedwagon."

FROM: Dave Dutta
DATE: Friday July 23, 2004 -- 6:24:39 am
No doubt Ken is a great Jeopardy contestant. However, in fairness to the other champions of the past, since none of them were allowed to go beyond five games, we will never know if some of them were equal or better than him.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Friday July 23, 2004 -- 9:31:03 am
That's true, Dave.

I personally enjoyed how Alex pronounced "REO Speedwagon." "Rio!"

FROM: Pogo
DATE: Friday July 23, 2004 -- 1:33:35 pm
I loe Ken! The show is on at 3:30 pm in my market. Luckily I work from an office in my home. I have scheduled my lunch to be later so that I can watch Ken.

I have commented to my teen (who is also now 'hooked on Ken') that I really like him because he generally isn't cocky or stuffy or smug. You all know how some truly genious people can't relate to others. Ken is an every person's person.

I hope he keeps going!

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Friday July 23, 2004 -- 2:36:45 pm
The guy is a professional quiz master. He does this stuff day in and day out. He's a pro and the others are amateurs. I understand that Jeopardy's ratings are really high right now and everyone's rooting for Ken to go on and on. IMHO it's sort of like putting Shaquille on the court during a high school tournament and rooting him on. I mean, everyone else is an amateur and he's a pro. Where's the challenge? Ken should be banned.

FROM: caleb
DATE: Sunday September 12, 2004 -- 5:54:46 pm
ken is a pimp and he will continue to rule all and will one day own the world, ken you are my hero, keep going bud

FROM: jason
DATE: Friday September 17, 2004 -- 2:12:50 pm
i feel that there is definitely a "man behind the curtain" on this one... ever seen Quiz Show??

DATE: Wednesday October 20, 2004 -- 9:42:24 pm

Okay,lol,I think it is so weird that I have the same name as Ken Jennings. Anyways,I think I'm more like Stephanie...Okay,Whoever was using my SN up there before where Ken Jennings came in at,do not e-mail me thinking I am him,I'm not.I just got this name a few weeks ago,so who ever had this name before me wrote that a long time ago.Anyways, ken, you're the best.Anyone can e-mail me to be friends or something,just don't think I'm Ken Jennings,I explained it in this post.BYE!!
Im so funny, i bet u dont get the joke but if you do it is pretty funny.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Thursday October 21, 2004 -- 7:18:52 am
Wait a minute. Your "screen name?" You just got the name Ken? And people can email you?

Is it summer vacation somewhere?

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