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August 10th, 2004

Redbox DVD Rentals

About two months ago, McDonald’s locations in Denver introduced something different: DVD rentals. The whole thing is a kiosk by RedBox, and I must say the technology behind it isn’t impressive – but it’s a cool experience. Here’s a brief CNN piece on it.

We tried it out in late July, and it’s pretty easy. You just use a computer screen to browse titles. Titles that aren’t in are clearly labeled. You just touch the title you want, follow through to the detail screen, and press “Rent.” A few moments and a credit/debit card swipe later, and you’ve got a DVD that pops out of the machine – in an old-school CD caddy!

You get the movie for just one night (actually, it’s due back the next night at 10pm,) but it’s also only a buck so it’s not a great loss. The Denver Public Library has DVDs, though, which are free – but RedBox has all the latest titles, and they can be returned to any RedBox.

The whole thing running the show is just a wee Windows computer with a built-in card swiper and special DVD/CD caddy grabber thingie. That’s the technical term. And I’m sad that I didn’t think of it first.

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FROM: Ace High
DATE: Tuesday August 10, 2004 -- 6:43:38 pm
The Denver Public Library has DVDs? The Libraries in my town don't have then. What a gip.

FROM: nathancolgate
DATE: Monday August 16, 2004 -- 9:07:07 pm
i also saw these down in parker. it seems like a great solution to the rip off offered at most video rental stores: $5 for 5 nights... does anyone really plan on watching rentals more than once, or does anyone think "i'll go to the rental store to get a movie for tomorrow night"?

FROM: debbie stout
DATE: Tuesday August 17, 2004 -- 11:01:03 am
please let me know if this dvd rental can be franchised.... thank you

DATE: Monday August 30, 2004 -- 6:08:06 pm
Yes. It can. Check out They sell similar machines...

FROM: Drumwizard
DATE: Monday October 18, 2004 -- 5:15:33 pm
I have been getting movies from RedBox DVD since they started in Denver summer 2004. It's easy and fast and cheap!!! try it.

DATE: Tuesday October 19, 2004 -- 11:00:43 pm
I love RedBox, it is so easy and convenient. You can’t beat the price, I recommend anyone in Denver to use it, blockbuster is such a rip-off.

FROM: Krystal
DATE: Sunday November 7, 2004 -- 1:36:24 am
Hi everyone...
I have an unusual question, but could anyone tell me any contact information for REDBOX. IE: If you return a movie, but it doesn't registar it; or, you don't get charged/or/overcharged, ect...

(Machines make errors all the time, not as often as humans, but they do. -Not trying to bash REDBOX, I think it's a great concept-!!!) Thanks!

FROM: movie man
DATE: Monday December 13, 2004 -- 7:35:38 pm
this is great!! who else can give you a new release dvd for a buck. Yes the library has it for free, but you will have to wait a couple of months. I have used it and it works great.

FROM: Hector
DATE: Wednesday December 15, 2004 -- 5:03:15 pm
This in response to Krystal. I used to rend from REDBOX but last time I rented a movie and when I returned the following day Windows rebooted and it did not register. I have called REDBOX and apparently it still shows that is out. It has been more than 2 weeks and they have not figured out where the movie is. So beware...

FROM: stephanie
DATE: Sunday December 19, 2004 -- 10:09:46 am
I love Red Box at least I did until I got my bank statement today. I was charged $26.88 ($25.00 plus tax) twice for movies I absolutely did return. The one I use no longer prints receipts, it does give a receipt number on the screen... but I never wrote it down since I have never had a problem. I'll call the 1-800 number on the RedBox but you know how these things go

FROM: Lobster
DATE: Sunday December 26, 2004 -- 7:57:50 pm
I recommend calling Rebox. From others I know who have had problems, one phone call to them clears it up. Their contact info is on: - Good Luck.

DATE: Wednesday December 29, 2004 -- 9:13:31 am
Great opportunity to save money and enjoy latest DVD's .
However, I rented a DVD on 24Dec'4
& Mcdonald's location in Herndon VA was closed on 25th Dec'4 and I am charged for late fees.
My complaint on REDBOX email adress did not get a response todate.(?)

FROM: nguyen, loc [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday January 6, 2005 -- 6:08:53 pm
this is a great concept, i like to learn more about the redbox. I also want to be part of this great concept, please tell let me know how to be come part of your bussiness..
thank you..

FROM: Christian
DATE: Saturday January 8, 2005 -- 12:30:27 am
Hi Guys,

Though the concept is very innovative and practical... I am wondering if anyone has heard through the grape vine, that redbox is launching a marketing program in having these vending machines in NYC. Also, I have been doing some brief research on line, and never seem to find how financially well it does??? Does anyone have an inside scoop regarding ROI/profits???


FROM: Aaron [E-Mail]
DATE: Saturday January 15, 2005 -- 5:06:32 am
Redbox is the next best thing to microwaves and massage therapy; but there is one other flaw that I have notices. Once in a while, a person will have a bad dvd player, and the DVD that comes out is too scratched to play, and you can tell by looking at the disk. Redbox should install the capability to not charge a customer if a movie is returned within 15 minutes of renting it (in case of a bad disk). If enough people request for this option, I am sure that Redbox would make such available.

By the way, they charged me for renting the bad dvd (even though I returned it right back into the machine after renting it!

DATE: Saturday January 15, 2005 -- 2:10:42 pm
anyone know the website for red box- i am being overchanged

DATE: Monday January 24, 2005 -- 4:48:59 pm
If the dvd is scratched badly enough, it doesn't matter how good your DVD player is. I was renting from Redbox daily until I got home with a movie that looks like someone carved it with a hunting knife. I've called the 866-redbox3, but they were closed when I called.

I stopped renting after that because I want to know what the policy is on damaged DVD's. I'm only out 2 bucks (since I didn't open the movie until the next day) but I don't want movie renting to feel like playing a slot machine where I *might* get to watch what I payed for.

FROM: keith
DATE: Saturday February 12, 2005 -- 2:29:41 pm

FROM: pat nejezchleb
DATE: Sunday February 20, 2005 -- 11:35:35 am
Please let me know if this DVD
rental can be franchised?

Thank you.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Sunday February 20, 2005 -- 8:14:37 pm
It's like dumb-ass mode, without the mode.

FROM: Scott
DATE: Monday February 28, 2005 -- 4:48:01 pm
Does anyone actually read the comments before posting their own? It appears that some idiots have better things to do with their time than spend the 3 minutes it takes to read this page and find the wanted information. Laziness is evil, which is what makes redbox such an awesome offering.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Tuesday March 1, 2005 -- 10:30:06 am
Does anyone actually read the comments before posting their own?

No, but that's the whole point of the internet, isn't it? Just posting something without reading anything?

FROM: mark
DATE: Thursday March 17, 2005 -- 9:11:35 am
The number of contact is 1866-redbox3

FROM: srecko
DATE: Monday March 28, 2005 -- 10:03:05 pm
I called "help desk" to 1866 733 2693 and nice young lady explaine that Red Box at Rockville Pike is rebooting and that I shoul come back after 30 minutes. After two hours of "rebooting" I decided to mail them a problem. Swipe credit card and Red Box stays frozen...? Hope without surprise when I get a Bank Statement...

FROM: Paul
DATE: Wednesday March 30, 2005 -- 12:45:33 pm
I'd like to note that we here at Ping World Headquarters are now getting customer service requests for RedBox via email.

So people are smart enough to find the "Contact" link, but not smart enough to know we have nothing to do with RedBox....

FROM: Gabriel
DATE: Thursday April 21, 2005 -- 7:00:54 pm
If you are in the Denver area use the code


until 5/11/2005 for a free DVD rental at a mcDonalds redbox location!

FROM: Fixitladie
DATE: Friday April 22, 2005 -- 4:23:30 am
...and after your'e done with that code use the code TONISH ... from any Redbox machine -- in anywhere USA

FROM: BloomG
DATE: Friday April 22, 2005 -- 4:52:14 pm
..and then get another free rental using code BLOOMG

FROM: danindenver
DATE: Monday April 25, 2005 -- 1:07:47 am
FREE one night rental with promo code: ALDRID
Good for one free rental per credit card.

DATE: Monday April 25, 2005 -- 5:39:28 pm
AND THEN........try'll never have to buy pay-per-view again!!!!! This is the best thing since sliced bread....or Blockbuster!

DATE: Thursday April 28, 2005 -- 5:28:52 pm

FROM: jhawk
DATE: Sunday May 1, 2005 -- 9:19:32 pm
also try smithj

FROM: lolo
DATE: Tuesday May 3, 2005 -- 2:33:02 am
also promo code: KLEINM8

FROM: Mindy
DATE: Sunday May 8, 2005 -- 1:46:55 pm
another promo code: MILYND

DATE: Monday May 9, 2005 -- 1:39:04 pm
What are these promo codes? How do you get one? Can anyone plug the code in and get a free movie?

DATE: Monday May 16, 2005 -- 3:17:21 pm
You morons with the promo codes- stop already. Those of you who believe them... well, read on.

FROM: George
DATE: Tuesday May 24, 2005 -- 4:39:06 pm
if a problem returning a redbox dvd use or there is a number to call on the machine or directly on any redbox dvd

FROM: good times
DATE: Wednesday May 25, 2005 -- 1:58:12 pm
I've seen this question asked a few times already, but no answers yet:

Any idea where to look if I want to get in on this franchise?

I remember seeing a commerical for something similiar, but I don't think it was red box.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Wednesday May 25, 2005 -- 4:11:05 pm
I've seen this question asked a few times already, but no answers yet:

Maybe that's because this site isn't about the RedBox company?

FROM: Issuez [E-Mail]
DATE: Friday May 27, 2005 -- 1:31:26 pm
Those things keep breaking down, we've got a different technition comming in every day. Another Promo code is "DVD".

DATE: Sunday May 29, 2005 -- 12:57:51 am
No franchises available. This is a JV with McDonald's on a trial basis.

FROM: rufio
DATE: Monday May 30, 2005 -- 1:07:39 pm
any one have a promo code that works after may 11th?

FROM: PetaZeta
DATE: Wednesday June 15, 2005 -- 4:06:53 am
It's great man

FROM: Teddy Bigbear
DATE: Wednesday June 15, 2005 -- 8:47:16 pm
Their food still sucks!
But they have really got something with this!

DATE: Friday June 17, 2005 -- 7:21:09 pm

FROM: danindenver
DATE: Monday June 20, 2005 -- 9:23:30 pm
Re: receipts
So, here's the story...
When you rent a DVD from a Redbox machine, you will notice that they ask you for your e-mail address. If you enter your address, they will IMMEDIATELY e-mail you a receipt. I mean, it will be waiting for you when you get home. I know, you thought they just wanted to spam you. Well, I don't think I've received spam from this, yet, but I have good filters.

FROM: danindenver
DATE: Monday June 20, 2005 -- 9:33:59 pm
Here's the rest of the story...
When you rent a DVD from a Redbox machine, you will notice that they ask you for your e-mail address. If you enter your address, they will e-mail you the next time they come out with a free promo code. However, as of June 13, 2005, the deal is that you have to go inside and buy a fruit and walnut salad and, then, you will receive a card for a free night's DVD rental.
BTW, in case you haven't heard, if the promotion is a 2-for-1, you don't really have to rent two to get one free. Just enter the code, and you will get one free! This works once for each credit / debit card you have. I heard about this from a co-worker and I've never paid for a RedBox DVD, yet. (Between my wife and me, we have 5 cards.)
So, it really was real, while it lasted. If they come out with a new PROMO CODE, those who are registered will get them.

DATE: Thursday June 23, 2005 -- 4:29:55 pm
On June 22, 2005, I attempted to rent the Nick Cage movie... National Treasure to no avail. The Redbox machine accepted my credit card, and I ordered the movie..... saw the please wait..... then the system took me back to rent or return.... never to have received the dvd. Yet, I have been charged for the rental. When I tried to rent the movie for the second time, it stated my card was not acceptable. You will see I rented Hostage and Coach Carter since this problem occurred. The rental fee appeared on my bank statement ... June 23, 2005. Please correct this rental. Business is business.... Thank you for your assistance.

FROM: jk
DATE: Thursday June 23, 2005 -- 4:42:40 pm
I will fix this asap!

FROM: Paul
DATE: Thursday June 23, 2005 -- 5:21:57 pm
On June 22, 2005, I attempted to rent the Nick Cage movie... National Treasure to no avail.

Well there's your problem right there. RedBox was actually helping you by not allowing you to watch the film. But of course, it charged you for the convenience.

(Oh, and jk - you've been slacking lately!)

FROM: jk
DATE: Thursday June 23, 2005 -- 10:00:45 pm
Shhhh, Paul--my customer satisfaction rating will go down if he thinks I can't fix this!

FROM: MM [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday June 28, 2005 -- 12:12:48 am
Regarding the "Franchise" enquiry. We're in the process of setting up in Australia. Check out our website.
If there are interested (and substantial) parties out there, we're happy to discuss a Master Franchise arrangement for parts of the US. We'll Fast track you into it. Email me. We've done the hard yards, and are in the process of finalising a Master Franchise agreement for another country near us "down under".

FROM: Bill D. Sears
DATE: Thursday June 30, 2005 -- 5:22:43 pm
I returned the movie "Be Cool " staring; John Travolta. It did Scan & register like I thought it should. Would you please confirm for me and E-Mail me, if it did return correctly. Location: McDonald's Resturant, League City, TX. 77573 I-45S @ FM 518 my Card #: last four digits =5735 Return date =June 30, 2005 Approx. 2:15 P. M. thank you
B.D. Sears

FROM: snaily
DATE: Thursday June 30, 2005 -- 9:05:25 pm
sounds like a neat idea. a lot cheaper than blockbuster

FROM: jk
DATE: Thursday June 30, 2005 -- 11:02:12 pm
Oh man, I really am falling behind on all of these requests!!!

You guys are on your own now. Sorry.

FROM: David
DATE: Wednesday July 6, 2005 -- 5:17:18 pm
RE: Redbox, I've used it a couple of times at McDonalds in Houston. It's a great idea. Before this I used the $1 machine in HEB, only problem witht he HEB machine is that the more recent titles are in short supply and they run out pretty soon! Redbox only seems to have the latest titles and they come in smaller boxes, so obviously there's a lot stacked in there. The machines have only been here in Houston a short time and already they are very popular. The arrival of Redbox and the HEB machines marks the end of Blockbusters! Earlier this year I tried the $9.99 a month rising to $14.99 Blcokbusters offer - only problem with that is that once you've seen all the latest (and waited and waited for some of them) all that's left is the usual crap on the shelves of Blockbusters. For the same $15 you could have watched 15 recent titles using Redbox! That's 3 to 4 new movies a week! really people go for it, it's a great deal! :-D I am converted to using Redbox!

FROM: Sandy
DATE: Saturday July 16, 2005 -- 5:42:34 pm
I hate that f thing I rented 2 movies and now they keep charging my card over and over now my bank is overdraft 3 times I hate this thing I will never use it again

FROM: Kelvin
DATE: Tuesday July 19, 2005 -- 3:07:47 am
free promo: copaoro viva mexico!!!!

FROM: Kelvin
DATE: Tuesday July 19, 2005 -- 3:08:48 am
code: copaoro

FROM: julio
DATE: Wednesday July 27, 2005 -- 4:13:54 pm
Thanks alot for all the promo codes.
Keep up the good work.

FROM: Kris
DATE: Sunday August 21, 2005 -- 9:09:27 pm
Free DVD rental code: KRISTO. It will only work in Salt Lake City, Houston and Minneapolis-St. Paul. Disclaimer: This is part of a contest that RedBox is putting on to see who can the most people to use their free DVD code.

FROM: nick
DATE: Sunday August 21, 2005 -- 9:22:25 pm
Try this free dvd code at redbox: thomar

FROM: amy
DATE: Sunday August 21, 2005 -- 9:24:14 pm
Rental code: amylol

FROM: Tori2
DATE: Wednesday August 24, 2005 -- 11:05:19 am
Free Redbox rental, Use code UDOHVi1 in the Promo Code area at all participating McDonalds and receive a free rental....Enjoy

FROM: Mike
DATE: Thursday August 25, 2005 -- 11:21:12 am
You can rent a DVD for FREE at RedBox locations (one night) using my code:


This offer is only good in Houston, Salt Lake City, and Minneapolis-St.Paul. Offer expires 9/17/05.

FROM: Natalie
DATE: Thursday August 25, 2005 -- 3:51:18 pm
Use my promo code for a free rental!!!! Code: BRYANT11

FROM: Mike
DATE: Saturday August 27, 2005 -- 9:39:17 pm
I have had a nightmare with redbox. They kept and are still charging my account. They have done this more than once. They refunded me once for overfraft only to do it again. They tell me that it is a computer software glitch with military time from when I rented the THE AVIATOR (that was when it first came out, I don't know about the 25 dollar max in this case because it's now been weeks). It is foolish for me to continue to rent from them. A bad experience------DON'T YOU LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!

FROM: daniel
DATE: Monday August 29, 2005 -- 11:26:43 am
Use my promo code for a free rental!!!! Code: ALCAZA

FROM: Dave
DATE: Monday August 29, 2005 -- 5:25:34 pm
Another code


FROM: iniobong udoh
DATE: Friday September 9, 2005 -- 10:02:37 pm

FROM: joelybear
DATE: Saturday September 10, 2005 -- 3:38:40 pm
You can use mine in Houston area

FROM: Jake
DATE: Sunday September 11, 2005 -- 2:45:04 am
UTAH - Salt Lake City and Wasatch Front Area:


FROM: Alex [E-Mail]
DATE: Friday September 16, 2005 -- 1:39:30 pm
Well you all can have fun with your crappy little Redbox. And I'll have fun with my awesome little red envelope. This service is beyond cheap and has no chance at all against the king that is Netflix. At best redbox is a novelty, the fact that they opperate out of a McDonalds does nothing but destroy their credibility. I don't trust them with a DVD selection or my credit card number. The service is junk, get Netflix.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Friday September 16, 2005 -- 2:57:14 pm
You know, Alex, I'd like to take a moment to thank you for your insightful and thought-provoking commentary. It was clear from your comment that you've tried both services, given them an equal chance, and made your choice. It's unique because most posts on the internets are based on one-sidedness, with an open mind nowhere to be find. Good on you for bucking the trend! Way to be a real citizen of the internets!

FROM: Chad
DATE: Monday September 19, 2005 -- 3:25:02 am
I love RedBox as they give me lots of promo codes and there customer service over the phone has been wonderful!

DATE: Friday September 23, 2005 -- 4:25:46 pm

FROM: buzz
DATE: Wednesday September 28, 2005 -- 12:16:50 pm
Paul you really put that well and inspired me to write a mini comparison.

I have used both services, and I can tell you that redbox is far better for some people. Maybe most people.

With Netflix I frequently ran out of movies to add to my queue. Netflix has a great selection, I just don't have an interest in 50% of new releases and I rarely watch older movies that I have seen before.

That being said, netflix has a much better selection of independent films and foreign films, which I DO watch but not often enough to pay $20 a month.

The amount of scratched DVDs is about equal on both services. After "cost of rental", "disc quality" is the primary concern with any rental service, and frankly netflix and redbox have been on par, with retail shops like blockbuster and hollywood video having less scratched discs.

How to know which service is best for you:
1) do you watch older movies, independent films, and/or foreign movies more than 3 times per month? If no, choose redbox.
2) Do you watch at least 12 movies a month? (thats one EVERY THREE DAYS!!) If no, choose redbox.

I think that redbox will service a slightly different group of people than netflix, and will become as large or larger based on rentals per year. Within 2 years the amount of dvd's stored in the box will increase.

DATE: Monday October 3, 2005 -- 11:30:40 pm

FROM: goredbox
DATE: Tuesday November 15, 2005 -- 4:28:36 pm
does anyone have any codes or know how to get any for November?

FROM: Brett
DATE: Thursday November 17, 2005 -- 10:33:32 pm

FROM: Redbox DVD Rental [E-Mail]
DATE: Monday December 5, 2005 -- 6:54:39 pm
I have been visting the Redbox here in Salt Lake City for quite some time now... and I love it!

I used to goto Albertson's (grocery store) to get my $1 DVD rentals, but they are often out of just what I want to see - new releases. Redbox almost always has what I am looking for... and, you can't beat all the great promo codes...

I have just put up a new website/blog that will be dedicated Redbox, with a place for all of the promo codes that are available. So, if you ever use Redbox, check out the site and bookmark it.

The site is:

Long live the Redbox!

FROM: Patel
DATE: Monday December 5, 2005 -- 8:15:46 pm
December promo code is Mark so have fun.

FROM: Kutha
DATE: Saturday December 10, 2005 -- 6:57:37 pm
In the Houston area you guys can use.....GHAFOO

FROM: Lyndie
DATE: Wednesday December 21, 2005 -- 6:02:41 pm
SLC promo codes:


FROM: Mr Houston
DATE: Thursday December 22, 2005 -- 12:19:26 pm
Where are you getting all these codes from? Any other websites that I should know of?

FROM: James
DATE: Thursday January 5, 2006 -- 6:49:14 pm
I actually work at a McDonald's in the Baltimore/Washington DC region in the state of Maryland and I used to figure codes out. The codes I used no longer work and I was wondering if anyone else may have some codes I can use. I understand codes are also alph-numeric so I won't be able to crack any more codes. Also I spoke to the guy who refills our redbox and he said RedBox will be coming out with a new promotion with McDonald's and some fresh new codes for 2006!

FROM: Vance
DATE: Monday January 9, 2006 -- 11:14:12 am
I just wanted to say that I used the promo codes recently and on the screen it said the my total was $0.00. But when I got home to check my bank statement, I was still charged $1.00. Does these codes only work if they(promo codes) are sent to your email address by Redbox?????

FROM: L. Ramirez
DATE: Wednesday January 11, 2006 -- 5:36:27 pm
I just had to say this, I've been renting from Redbox for over 4 months now
and on Dec.22 I rented 2 movies and returned them to a diffrent location,
same city, the following day well for some reason I'm still getting charged!!
as of today the've charged me $51.84 and, they don't have a contact number,
can someone help me pleeeeeease!!! I need a number. thank you

FROM: randy
DATE: Wednesday January 11, 2006 -- 6:26:39 pm
gregg lonn

FROM: Michael B
DATE: Wednesday January 11, 2006 -- 8:45:12 pm
Redbox SUCKS. Every single video I've rented (I stopped at about 10) was badly scratched. Three of them were so badly scratched I couldn't even watch the movie.

So if you make a complaint with Redbox the first time, they respond quickly with the promo code, but don't complain again!! They only pay attention the first time, but after the second complaint they seem to think you're trying to scam a multimillion dollar company out of ONE BUCK! They won't respond to you anymore no matter how many times you send them an online request.

I will GLADLY continue using Netflix, as their customer service is much, much better. Yes, they're more expensive, but at least the movies aren't all scratched to He||

FROM: Michael B
DATE: Wednesday January 11, 2006 -- 8:48:02 pm
By the way, I see everyone is posting codes here, so here you go for the month of January in Houston.

the code is


FROM: Sandy Hollow [E-Mail]
DATE: Friday January 13, 2006 -- 12:55:04 am
NEW YORK - Moviemate, Inc. has introduced a series of Automatic DVD Vending Machines intended to serve in scattered and localized markets. They can also be used in traditional video rental stores to extend store hours. The Moviemate Model S series of vending machines are fully automatic, miniature DVD/video-game rental stores that can support rentals as well as sell-through.

FROM: Heather
DATE: Saturday January 14, 2006 -- 9:05:35 pm
i use redbox all the time. I have rented a scratched unplayable movie before. when I called 866redbox3 they gave me a promo code and i was done. never a problem. I get promo codes all the time the one im using now is David you can only use 1 promo code per credit card so if you want to use it twice break out another card.

FROM: judd
DATE: Sunday January 15, 2006 -- 8:36:16 pm
For the SLC area use joe.

FROM: kw
DATE: Monday January 23, 2006 -- 3:28:17 pm
another code that can be used in the STL area:


also, STL.

FROM: Ranes
DATE: Friday January 27, 2006 -- 12:02:08 pm
I am really suprised no one has mentioned in this forum yet....

The more people that help keep it up to date, the more codes we can all share.

FROM: Ranes
DATE: Friday January 27, 2006 -- 12:03:41 pm
Sorry... I see someone DID mention insideredbox on December 5th. I must have skipped it on the first scan.

FROM: dave
DATE: Friday January 27, 2006 -- 1:51:01 pm
In utah I have noticed the these promo codes have worked in january.

they are


FROM: nancy
DATE: Friday February 10, 2006 -- 12:20:17 pm
Codes for february


DATE: Thursday February 23, 2006 -- 2:17:25 pm
I have had nothing but great service from RedBoX, and i continue to use promo-codes with them. Every time there is a billing problme of some sort, you call the customer service, and they are SOOO nice, and willing to give you a promo code for your inconvenience or credit your debit card.

DATE: Monday February 27, 2006 -- 12:17:38 pm
We enjoy the redbox concept. We find it convevient to our needs. Will there be more codes for free rentals in the near furture. If so when and will I be notify? Thanks DON

DATE: Thursday March 2, 2006 -- 4:44:09 pm

DATE: Wednesday March 22, 2006 -- 1:10:34 pm
Yesterday was my first time renting at Red Box but with all this bad comments i am reading i am afraid of renting another movie who should i trust? And for the people who are in charged of this website i dont think this is a grat idea to keep costumers renting movies. Thank You

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday March 22, 2006 -- 2:19:43 pm
"Costumers"? People who rent movies while dressed like a knight?

FROM: Paul
DATE: Wednesday March 22, 2006 -- 3:49:10 pm
I think JEG is right, Ryan. It's not a grat idea.

FROM: Gerrit de Haas
DATE: Friday March 24, 2006 -- 11:12:57 pm
We need some codes from Denver i don't know any and i would like to get somthing for free.

FROM: Gerrit
DATE: Saturday March 25, 2006 -- 2:04:40 am
Here r a fiew codes that still work dvd, free, chicken, pie, cone, bacon, milk, osterh1, osterh2, dinner, richge, broncos, online, hamburger, cheeseburger, prez, udohvi1, leaves, brad, 3under3, 4under4, steeve, greg, muggle, brent, and ape. most of these are for a free rental please enjoy them

FROM: Redbox DVD [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday March 29, 2006 -- 2:44:17 pm
Hey all... Just wanted to remind you that Inside Redbox [] has all the codes you ever needed for Redbox DVD rentals.

Seriously, you never will have to pay for a rental again. Check it out.

Just click the "Redbox DVD" link right next to FROM above.

Happy renting!

FROM: something to say perhaps
DATE: Wednesday March 29, 2006 -- 3:44:13 pm
i just want to say that this is all facinating

FROM: John
DATE: Thursday April 13, 2006 -- 8:34:42 am
4-9 to 4-13 code creek
4-16 to 4-20 code fun
4-23 to 4-27 code london

FROM: [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday April 18, 2006 -- 12:35:28 am
Lots more April codes are available at the redbox codes website:

Happy Renting!

DATE: Wednesday August 16, 2006 -- 10:09:08 am
I rent 2 movies and I was charged 14 times, is that fair?

FROM: Paul
DATE: Wednesday August 16, 2006 -- 10:14:28 am
Beats me.

Rachel Hamlet September 24, 2006, 9:18 pm

The redbox is so amazing i love it i mean it is so convenent you can just get in the car and go.i mean you have to go to the Blockbuster or something like that.I love it Thank you very much!!!!

Ulla January 22, 2007, 4:37 pm

I loved the concept of Red Box… till I got my bank statement Saturday. I was charged $25.00 plus tax. for a movie that I DID RETURN begore christmas…
Unfortunately, and I did not get a receipt and did not get a receipt in the past either. Also, I never wrote it down since I have never had a problem. I’ll call the 1-800 number on the RedBox, talked to the manager and they said that it was not their problem but mine because according to their data, the movie was never returned. I asked if we could work it out somehow, but without any result. I have two teenagers that would love to rent movies every weekend from the redbox, but at this time and with my anger towards redbox customer service,I am not sure that I will ever rent from them again.

coach2006 February 24, 2007, 11:16 pm

this is a bite you say one dollar a movie yes? when it always charges more each time we rent a movie i hate it will never rent again.

poopon redbox May 22, 2007, 5:19 am

use prepaid gift cards to get free dvds !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 ilove it 3 dvds for 3 dollars
use the rest before 25 days

Frank Carrasco June 1, 2007, 4:45 am

I’d buy that for a dollar!

Liz W June 5, 2007, 2:27 am

Redbox charged me 11 extra nights for DVD’s that we returned on time. After finding the discrepancy, I called the customer service line. 35 minutes and two supervisors later they finally agreed to check with the Redbox maintenance. Sure enough, the box was stampig the date of return off by a day. They claim they will refund but we’ll see about that.

Cheap movies.. wishful thinking.

Maura July 10, 2007, 10:13 am

Redbox – No Thanks! I accidentally returned the wrong DVD in the Redbox case. No error was reported on the Redbox screen, which doesn’t make sense, since the machine reads the special Redbox barcode on each DVD. So, I was unaware that I returned the wrong DVD until two weeks later when I found Redbox DVD in our house. I called Redbox, they said ‘no problem’, just return their DVD to Colorado address and I would only be charged for the 14 days that the movie was at our house. . .NOT SO. . .I have been charged $25.92 AND I paid the postage to return the DVD. They stopped sending e-mail receipts sometime in July, as I don’t get receipts anymore and I have decided that I am not crazy about giving up control of my debit card. Random unexpected charges make me cranky. I think they need to get their act together, they’re getting sloppy.

amie August 16, 2007, 11:35 pm

Similar thing happened to me as Maura. Rented from them 2 dvds for one night on a long road trip. Got home and found out there wasn’t a location within 60 miles of me. They gave me the same routine about mailing them back which I did then I was charge $25 x 2. $50 bucks for movies I don’t even have. They won’t respond to my emails or phone calls.

Madmann February 9, 2008, 12:32 am

REdbox isnt worth messing with. most of the machines (and they are all new) in my town are always broken. if you have to wait behind a person who chose not to rent movies on the internet you have to wait a lengthy amount of time to get your movies. I called one day going to work (and yes they made me late) to tell them about a problem i was having trying to get the machine to accept my movie. She assured me that she would have a tech there as soon as possible. well i didnt have time to wait, so i drove across town (about 5 miles) to another kiosk. well guess what. it was broke to. just a blank screen staring at me.
i called and informed redbox of this, and told them tis would be the last time i rent from them.
to date, i never received a call to try to get me to rent again. and the free weekly rent codes stopped coming.
Good news though.I saved a bunch of money on my geicho insurance.

DM March 8, 2008, 9:33 am

BeWare !!!!! I rented 3 dvd’s from redbox this week and i noticed on my account that they hadn’t charged me for the dvd’s the next day after returing them. I called the 866# and the customer service rep told me that one dvd had not been returned and that’s why they haven’t charged me. When I told her that I returned them all at the same time and they were all returned on time. She said that she would correct the problem and only charge me for one day rental but i still don’t see the charges on my account. After about so many who posted here, i am so worried that they’re going to charge me $25 x 3 dvd’s .It makes me sick to my stomach. After this experience, I will not use them again because there’s that risk of having money automatically stolen from my account for dvd’s that I actually returned on time. I would rather go to a video rental store and pay a little bit more than get scammed by Redbox. I used to rent a lot of movies from them (5-6 dvd’s a week) but they just lost me as a customer.

In the beginning I only had great things to say about them until they started messing up.

Mike May 31, 2008, 8:00 pm

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However the DVD Kiosk industry has grown very rapidly in the last 2 years; and includes additional major companies who operate advanced DVD Kiosks like Redbox inside many Supermarkets, Mass retailers, etc.

Small investors can now buy DVD Kiosk solutions from a few companies like:

I hope that you find the information you can obtain through the site useful to your review of this business…

ps: This is not intended to be just a “website plug”. I’d be happy to answer any questions regarding this topic on this blog. Tx.

grace June 3, 2008, 1:12 pm

I have been trying to get in touch with RedBox in the Pittsburgh area. When I returned my video, I was charged
$16.00 which was a bogus amount. There is no number to call and my credit card company had no number or address to contact. I will not recommend this to anyone, because apparently there is a flaw in machine where I’m returning these videos. I’m still trying to find a number, because the address on the machine and my credit card was returned to sender as a bogus address.

Paul June 3, 2008, 2:48 pm

To everyone who can’t find RedBox’s address or phone number:

Please learn how to use the internet. Thanks.

BrendaMarie July 19, 2008, 1:07 am

What’s even better is that now you can actually rent these movies for free thanks to free code web sites. One of my favorites is

Arthur N July 21, 2008, 11:58 pm

I would not recommend anyone to rent from Redbox! It’s not worth risking your money over.

They told me I returned a DVD after 19days which was completely incorrect. I contacted them directly after receiving the email and I was assured that I would be reimbursed the incorrect charge. I waited and was not I called them back 3 days later and was transfered to a supervisor who would only say that the machine said I returned it 19 days after renting and that the charge was valid and they would not be reimbursing me. She went on to say that they would retrain the staff member who originally told me I was going to be reimbursed because he gave me “inaccurate” information.

Redbox overcharged me $17.98.

It’s not worth risking your money!

Janet Fields October 14, 2008, 10:41 pm

This company makes a habit of charging customers for dvd’s that have been returned. I have viewed over 300 complaints just today. The same thing happened to me and I have complained to the BBB, the State’s Atty for OK, and to Redbox by email and phone. Their customer service rep claimed to be a supervisor but would not give her name or identifying number, could not explain why I have not heard from them in 3 months, refused to send me written results of an audit of their machine or to send me written audit procedures. She claimed an audit had been done the day after my complaint (08/18/08), while another rep said none had been done, and another claimed that it was a remote location which would take at least 3 weeks to “get to”. I heard a lot of doubletalk about a complimentary refund (what is that?) but no clear indication that I was getting one. Needless to say, as of this date I have not. It is a matter of principal now with me, and I will pursue it. And hopefully, the judge will award me legal fees as well.

Buying into this company? ABSOLUTELY NOT! I could never be that unethical!

Melanie November 26, 2008, 10:13 pm

my reply to lobster,
i used redbox everyweek until i noticed on my bank statement that i had been charged over and over and over $2.20 until i was charged an nonsufficent funds fee. I have left several emails and everytime i call im on hold from 15-20 minutes at a time until i hang up. Each time i call there is a recorded message saying please hold on we are experiencing high call volume we will get to you…blahblah. Now i have money that they took from me and i can not get back b/c i can’t get in touch with anyone. I dont know about the rest of you but i need my money…lol Please beware and i will never ever ever rent from redbox again.

Frank November 30, 2008, 12:43 pm

I think RedBox is great, however, I doubt I could find a comedy that would make me laugh as much as some of the idiots who left posts on this page. Keep it up! Anybody seen the “Costumers” around?

Jim James December 22, 2008, 12:08 am

My Wife and I discovered Redbox and thought they were the best thing since sliced bread. We got three movies, took them home, and played the first one, with no problems. The second one, however, failed to play and froze up my machine, after making a strange ‘bink’ noise. I had to unplug the DVD player, plug it back in, and eject the DVD. When I did, I immediately noticed the problem. Redbox uses a small, circular barcode sticker in the center of their DVDs. It’s there to identify the DVD and allow their kiosk to scan it back into the system. Unfortunately, this sticker was way off-center. You can’t do that with a DVD or CD, because it creates an imbalance and can cause damage to the player when the disc spins up to be read. Blockbuster tried this years ago (placing ID stickers in the center of their game discs), but stopped, for that very reason. Now I can’t get ANY DVDs to play on my player, which means that Redbox’s DVD destroyed it. I contacted them and got sent to a supervisor, who refused to do anything about it, claiming that the Terms and Conditions protected them. I tried to point out that the T&C does not protect them for negligence, but he would not budge. I told him that I would hold on to the disc and contact the Michigan Attorney General’s Office, which is exactly what I’ll be doing tomorrow morning.

I recommend that one does NOT use this service. Everyone I know understands that the use of stickers on a DVD or CD cannot be safely achieved, due to the very real problem of incorrect placement. Why this company would use this way of keeping track of their inventory and returns, instead of the much safer and economical way through ink imprinting, I will never know. Please, stay away from this company!

Paul December 22, 2008, 2:50 am

I am not a lawyer, Jim, but right there in the T&Cs on Redbox’s site:


So… uh… yeah. Good luck with that legal angle.

Fluffums January 18, 2009, 5:19 am

We rented two movies from Redbox in North Carolina on Dec 6. We returned them two days later. On our next month’s statement we noticed a charge on Dec 31 for $25.62. After contacting Redbox they say one of our DVDs was not returned.

What’s going on with December? I think Redbox realises we’re shopping and have some cash out and now’s a good time to make up for some lost revenue due the previous year’s bad movie lineup.

Contacting customer service but not hopeful. It seems if the machine has network problems or the disc cannot be read or registered correctly the procedure is to err on the side of your credit card. Now that’s a business model!

Randy March 15, 2009, 3:39 pm

Redbox sucks, because they contract with this small little dinky movie producers to put they fucking crap in them, plus they only hold 100 movies Go to HOLLYWOOD VIDEO at least its not fucking Blockbuster!!!

ZC March 26, 2009, 5:43 pm

Hollywood Video? They’re out of business in most areas! If you still have one, that’s pretty remarkable. They went belly-up in 2007.

Netflix is still the best deal. New releases (and everything else) for $10 a month, plus free streaming to your computer or Netflix playing device.

J hoon June 12, 2009, 8:25 pm

I started using redbox a couple of months ago. Everything was fine until one day I went to return a movie and the redbox vending machine was down. Next day same thing. Next day same thing. I called rebox, and they told me I should have called them sooner. I said to them that they can see that their box was down and had been for the past week. They rep was rude told me it was my responsibility to call and would not put me through to a supervisor. For $3 they lost a customer for life. The grocery store Stop and Shop, that I have been going to for the past 14 years will refund me the $3. Hopefully they remove the machines from their stores. How a company handles a complaint is how a company should be judged. Redbox fails miserably.

Todd July 2, 2009, 6:30 pm

One of my friends mentioned a problem with Red Box double billing on occasion. He no longer uses them. It has now happened to me. I figured I would call the customer service number (1.866.733.2693) and get it taken care of. Simple, right? NOT!!! For $1.06 Red Box has lost another customer. If I can’t trust them to fix their screw ups, I will not do business with them.

KM July 15, 2009, 2:05 am

I returned a movie to the local redbox, but it never registered and I got a $27 charge for “keeping” the video. I called and emailed customer service and they asked a bunch of questions which I had answered about 3 times at that point, then sent an email saying they’ll investigate the physical box and get back in 10-15 days…. that was almost 3 months ago. I frankly forgot, because I don’t sit and wait for this stuff, but I just sent another email about this matter. Another time, my wife tried to return a video for me, and the machine was down for 3 days. I got charged $7, and even after calling, they never returned the fee. I thought this was a great alternative to Blockbuster but not if I keep getting ripped off. I’ve lost more with Redbox than I ever did with Blockbuster’s late fees. Poor customer service, bad hardware …. They get an F.

Heather September 2, 2009, 7:53 pm

I’ve been trying for a week to call and get someone on the phone to have them reverse charges on my card for movies that have been returned. EVERY time I call I get a recording that says “All circuits are busy, please try your call again”. I’ve emailed twice from the website and still nothing. I’m out over $100 for movies that I returned to them. Any suggestions on how to actually get through?

O Roth December 14, 2009, 6:30 pm

The RedBox concept is great — it’s been the source of many great nights. However, their technology is flawed enough to allow entrance for some other player into the market. Things I don’t like:

1) Waiting for people to scan through the available movies so I can just return my DVD.
2) Scanning through DVDs only to not see the movie that says “is available” according to the pictures on the vending machine.

1) Rig lights to each of the dvd box covers wrapped around the kiosk to indicate actual availability
2) A separate display on the side for browsing only.

divakyrah March 15, 2010, 10:13 pm

Anyone heard of this? If you don’t rent from Redbox for 55 days, they lable you inactive and you can’t rent from RedBox again unless you use a different cc. I called Customer Service to inquire and this sweet, little dingbat on the other end says “Ma’am, we’re in the process of changing that situation, btu I don’t know when it will be”…Yeah. If you’re in the ‘process’ of something, it is in the works, being figured out as we speak. The CS said “Well, no, we’re not actually doing it at this time, but we’re figuring out how to reverse that situation”
LMAO! Really?

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