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August 22nd, 2004

Online Pizza Ordering

Back in the olden days of the web, people were thinking big. Amazon was thinking, “We can sell books online!” Yahoo! was thinking, “We can catalog everything online!” And the Internet Pizza Server was thinking, “We can order pizzas online!”

Well, somewhat. Ordering pizza on the Internet was something that everyone really just joked about. The Internet Pizza Server, when I first found it, was the only way to order pizza online. Of course the joke is that there isn’t a real pizza; you get a graphic of your pizza. It was fun.

But the thing is… now you can actually order pizza online. Papa John’s, the quintessential college pizza, can be ordered online. Same goes for Pizza Hut. Both were launched in the recent past, and while neither is perfect (sometimes you just need to say, “Easy cheese!”) both show just how far this here Interwebbing has come.

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