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August 23rd, 2004

Globe Trekker

By far, the greatest travel show on televsion today is Globe Trekker, which airs on your local PBS affiliate. It’s a travel show that doesn’t dwell on the normal touristy things-to-do list, but focuses instead on gaining the most of your visit to a foreign country by learning its history and culture by immersing yourself in it. In the most recent episode I saw, the host set up camp in the Arctic wilds during a trip to Norway. That’s not something you see on your every day travel show. Yet, even with the exotic locales and strange activities, everything seems very doable, if you’re adventurous enough.

The hosts I’ve seen have all been excellent with a great sense of humor and respect for the local people, especially Ian Wright. Be sure to take a peek if you notice it when flipping through channels.

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