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August 24th, 2004

Last Cassette Purchase

Given the advance of digital music, I realized the other day that it’s been years since I purchased a new cassette. At this point, I don’t even remember the first cassette I bought – but I remember very fondly buying C+C Music Factory’s Gonna Make You Sweat at Sound Warehouse.

But the last cassette? Easy. It was a single of R.E.M.’s “What’s the Frequency, Kenneth?” which came out in late 1994, if memory serves. That means that yes, I haven’t purchased a new cassette in ten years.

It’s a little scary, I suppose, but then I’m sure that most Pingers haven’t purchased a new record in quite some time.

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FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday August 24, 2004 -- 12:13:09 am
I still occasionally buy cassettes if I come across something very cheap. Like just last week in the "FREE!" box at CD Cellar, I picked up a Duran Duran cassette. Now I can be "Hungry Like a Wolf" on a Chrome cassette as often as I want.

And records, jeez, who doesn't still buy vinyl, right? My last vinyl purchase was less than a month ago.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Tuesday August 24, 2004 -- 2:26:48 am
I can't remember what the last casette I bought was. It was definately a used one at Plan 9 at least a year ago or so. As for records, I buy them almost weekly.

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Tuesday August 24, 2004 -- 1:02:22 pm
Metallica Black Album summer of '91(?). The one with "Enter Sandman" or whatever it was called.

Where are you guys getting vinyl? Are you buying new or used? I love my turntable, but it hasn't had fresh vinyl since R.E.M. Green from the Columbia Record Club.

FROM: Robert [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday August 24, 2004 -- 6:20:33 pm
I can't remember my last purchase, but on Sunday I came extremely close to buying an unopened copy of the book on tape version of Neuromancer by William Gibson, read by the author!, until I determined it was abridged. Fuh to that.

FROM: Robert [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday August 24, 2004 -- 6:22:48 pm
Ooh! I just remembered the last VHS cassette I bought. It was Mel Brooks' High Anxiety, which is not yet available on DVD.

FROM: Mario500 [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday August 24, 2004 -- 7:46:32 pm
Last (VHS) cassette purchase was.... July 2004. This soon to be latest addition to a rather large VHS archive will include the 33rd year (or season) premiere week shows of "The Price is Right".

FROM: jk
DATE: Tuesday August 24, 2004 -- 9:46:20 pm
If my turn-table still worked, I would definitely use it. I have lots of great stuff on vinyl.

My car does not have a CD player, so I do play cassettes in it! I think that the last cassette I bought was a Tears for Fears one, just a couple years ago, on a day I was feeling nostalgic. My car is full of friends Daisy and Lena used to make me the greatest mix tapes, and now Daisy of course burns CDs every Christmas for her friends.

I would definitely listen to some Duran Duran in my car!

FROM: Sammy Reed
DATE: Wednesday August 25, 2004 -- 11:32:16 pm
Yes, they still make records!

Not nearly as much as the 80's & earlier, but they are still being made. There are some places online where you can buy current and recent hits on 45's. one of them is:

One reason new records are still selling, albeit by the skin of their teeth, is that there are still many restaurants that still have 45RPM jukeboxes, and they want current hits to put in them.

The field of square dance music also churns out new 45's. Nowadays, a square dance caller sings a popular song, in some cases rock, and substitute some of the words with square dance instructions. One website that sells new square dance records is:

This site has minute-long clips you can hear of some of the songs, including, believe it or not, "Baby One More Time"! You can put this title in the search box, and you'll see the listen link where you can hear the clip! Just don't put quotation marks, or you'll get a not-found message. Among my square dance records is a version of Cher's "Believe" by the a guy named Ken Bower, and there's one called "Whoop Square It Is!"

I also buy a lot of old records with stuff from the world of the strange & the bizarre. Including those records with generic commercials for products & services that radio stations used to make commercials. For some dumb reason I love those.

FROM: Robert [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday August 26, 2004 -- 11:04:37 pm
Don't worry, Sammy. Dumb reasons are the best reasons!

FROM: Sammy Reed
DATE: Saturday August 28, 2004 -- 11:28:10 am
It's obvious I didn't proofread my message before I posted it. Please don't get the impression I duznt no how ta rite.

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Wednesday September 1, 2004 -- 5:03:49 pm

The bit about the square dance music was not only well written, but it was singly the greatest response I could have ever imagined to my simple query. Not only did you tell me where I could get vinyl--and how, but why it's available. You also segued that into telling me not only was vinyl still alive, but square dancing, too.

It was sort of like a Bill Geist piece.

Though, I was thinking of new LPs. 45s would do, however.

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday September 1, 2004 -- 11:45:34 pm
And, of course, vinyl is still the preferred format for hip-hop and reggae DJs as well as serious jazz collectors, so there's still a good amount of wax being pressed these days.

FROM: Sammy Reed
DATE: Thursday September 2, 2004 -- 12:37:16 am
Yeah, and the reggae music is on 45RPM 12-inch records! Odd.

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday September 2, 2004 -- 8:43:33 am
Most reggae is on 7" 45, though sometimes it's release on 12". Usually the stuff that's on 12" is an extended version with the regular version of the track and the dub version combined into a single track.

DATE: Wednesday January 5, 2005 -- 5:07:37 pm
I couldnt have possible bought more than 4 cassetes in my life, i bought the backstreet boys millenium one and a tarzan soundtrack, i bought one when i got my firs tape player so probably 3 or 4 i dotn knwo, but i was born past the craze.

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday January 5, 2005 -- 5:12:24 pm
Out of curiosity, Ken, how old are you? (Good thing this isn't a job interview, or I'd be sued.)

Ken July 3, 2007, 6:13 am

I am 17 now, but jan. 5 2005 i was 13…wow

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