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August 25th, 2004

Philadelphia News

I’ve lived in the DC Metro area for over six years now and the thing I hate more than anything else is that there isn’t a news broadcast in the area that doesn’t bite my left buttcheek.

Sure, there’s the occasional weatherperson I like, but the drama-heavy news broadcasts in there area have me rolling my eyes more than being informed. It seems like they all just regurgitate talking points without any sort of real investigation. And I really don’t need the fancy stock music and graphic packages announcing: “TERROR IN IRAQ!!!” everytime an Iraq-related story comes around.

Perhaps I’m spoiled, though, as I grew up on what I still consider the best news broadcast there is: Action News on ABC channel 6 in Philadelphia. Most of the same news team is there and they even still use the same kick ass theme song they’ve always used (well, it’s a slight variation). I’ll wait while you go listen.

But that’s all just mindless ranting… the real point to this Ping is…

When searching for some Philadelphia-related news information this week, I came across a page that proves that every possible topic has its obsessed fans… and that includes television news in Philadelphia. That site features history, sound bites, biographies (though the mighty Jim Gardner seems to be missing… man, what I’d give for a personlized autographed photo from that guy…), and way more other minutae on the subject that you could ever possibly imagine.

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