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November 13th, 2004

Online Check-In

So this past week I was out of town on bid-ness and, as usual, I checked in for both of my flights online. I generally like having this option since I can pick seats (no middle seats please) and have a warm fuzzy feeling afterwards. But I found a wrench in one system.

Due to work, I had to take a later flight than expected on Friday. I had checked in on my original flight on Thursday, and had a printed boarding pass. There was no apparent way to change flights online so a coworker and I called United. Here’s the sad deal: because we had already booked our flights, we had no way of changing flights. We had to simply go to the airport and get on standby for the later flight. Not a huge deal, but what if it was full? And why were our coworkers who didn’t check in able to take care of things just fine – and even specify seats over the phone?

Seems to me that people who check in online should be rewarded for doing so, not scolded.

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