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November 15th, 2004

Trip Procrastination

No matter how much time I have to pack for an upcoming trip, it never fails: I’m always rushing at the last minute to get things together. I can research and make lists out the wazoo, but I can’t remember a time where I was fully packed with bags sitting by the front door the night before. Am I the only one here who has trouble getting these types of things done early? Darn it, it’s 3am as I type this and I have to leave in six hours!

You’ll excuse me for cutting this Ping short.

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FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Monday November 15, 2004 -- 12:28:54 am
Men can, almost always, get away with this. Having just took a vacation last month, I found myself packing at 3am, when my flight left from Philadelphia just three hours later. Still, no problem. I was ready with plenty of time to spare.

For trips, I think men really just pack less, and don't mind as much if we forget clothing. 3 pairs of clean underwear and socks, we are great for a month. ;)

FROM: Heather
DATE: Monday November 15, 2004 -- 10:39:11 am
Perhaps that's true at your house Dave, but at ours it's my husband who totes the bigger suitcase. He needs it for all the clothes he buys while we are on vacation. It's as if we don't have stores where we live...

FROM: Robert [E-Mail]
DATE: Monday November 15, 2004 -- 5:16:29 pm
I'm leaving for a week-long car trip on Saturday evening and I can promise you I won't patch a stitch until that morning. A lot of the reason has to do with my toiletries and not wanting to pack things until I've used them for the day.

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Monday November 15, 2004 -- 7:29:12 pm
Heather --

Interesting. Most guys I know are like Robert and myself. Only scenario that is different, for me at least, is when I'm packing suits for a business trip/wedding. That takes a bit to get right. Other than that, it's real easy to pack. I find it harder to pack coming BACK from a vacation, than I do packing FOR a vacation.

FROM: Heather
DATE: Monday November 15, 2004 -- 10:30:02 pm
Dave, get you some of those Space Saver bags. They are the greatest things ever!! Toss your dirty laundry in them and packing up to come home is a breeze.

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday November 17, 2004 -- 11:45:35 pm
I might note that I did very well with my compact packing. Even with stops at several stores, I came back with two bags (a backpack and one of those shoulder-bag thingies) that were light enough for me to walk 70 blocks carrying them this morning.

One thing: I forgot to bring my pajama bottoms. Woops.

FROM: ken
DATE: Sunday November 21, 2004 -- 12:30:22 am
well, it isnt really trip procrastination, it just my family rarely tells me we r going to visit relatives in pittsburgh(about 5 hours away) until late the night before or in the morning, which i hate, they say they todl me but i dont pay attention to them anyway.

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