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February 6th, 2005

Bar Door Handle Usage

Let’s talk doorknobs and door handles.

In my last few jobs, I’ve been pleased to work in environments using door handles instead of doorknobs. (Check out the image at the bottom of this page to see what I’m talking about.) The simple reason I like them is when these are installed and working correctly, I think they’re way more efficient than doorknobs.

The whole efficiency thing comes from being able to pull up on the door handle when opening the door towards me. At my current job, this is how the men’s room door is designed. It gives me more power to open up the behemoth versus a doorknob (which I’d pull straight back) or pushing down on the handle (which makes me lose some power.) Pulling up also makes me feel like I’m on board a navy ship for some reason, and anything that can make me feel like I’m on board a ship is a plus in my book.

Ah but the thing that gets my goat is when I can’t pull up on a door handle. It irritates me greatly, because now I have to open doors like everyone else. Bah, I say!

Do you open doors in this manner, too? Or do you rely on the old pull down method?

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