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February 7th, 2005

A Weekend Without the Net

When I travel, I don’t mind being away from the Internet. I enjoy being able to take a break from being connected. But, when I’m at home, connectivity is very important. It’s like an appendage. And when my computer died this past week and I was left without a connection to the world, it felt like I’d had my third arm amputated.

It’s not that I spend a lot of time online at home. But I like being able to walk by the computer and do a quick e-mail check. This weekend, I found myself wishing I could just “hop on the web” real quickly to find a suitable substitution for an ingredient in a recipe. And researching how to make beet ink. And doing some price comparison.

Being disconnected while away from home can be a blessing. Being out-of-touch is nice, sometimes. But when you expect to be connected and aren’t, that’s when daily life feels a bit disrupted.

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