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February 8th, 2005

Go Daddy Just Lost My Business

Happen to catch the Super Bowl this past Sunday? We’ve recapped commercials here at the Ping in the past, but in my eyes this year’s batch was largely uninspired and boring. There were a few exceptions including the great FedExKinko’s (gesundheit!) ad which outlined what should go into the “perfect” Super Bowl ad, and the Ameriquest series. But another stood out for me, and it was Go Daddy’s ad.

Go Daddy is a domain name registrar, one I’ve been using for years. I like them. Their prices are good, their service is quite fine, and their control panel is also well-done.

The ad features an extremely buxom woman in front of a senate hearing on commercial decency, all through the eyes of a C-SPAN-type network. The panel asks the woman what would have been in the commercial, if it was to air, and she stands up to point to “Go” – written across her low-cut tank-top – when, of course, one of the shirt straps breaks!

She then goes on to say… well… whatever. The problem is that Go Daddy has stopped to a selling technique perfected by the likes of Hot Rod magazine buyers: T&A. And you know what? I might have liked that ad when I was 13. (As someone on the official Go Daddy blog comment area suggested, maybe that’s who they’re gunning for.) But now I’m an actual adult with the ability to take his business elsewhere.

I’m just disgusted with the whole thing. Up until now Go Daddy has portrayed an image that is positive. Low-cost, good customer service, and good service. Their Super Bowl ad was crass and tasteless. They’ve lost my current and future business, and the business of all my clients, too.

Now, then, anyone know of another good registrar out there?

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VIP September 16, 2006, 5:58 am

I totally agree with the writer. I work in advertising and in the past would regularly recommend GoDaddy. That is, until these sleaze ball ads came out. Now I don’t recommend them at all. I can’t! I just can’t do it without worrying of what my clients might think of me – like I’m a mouthwatering adolescent with a terminal hard-on. I was actually disappointed when I first saw the ads. I felt like poor Bob was duped into it by a bad ad agency. But then I saw that GoDaddy dedicated sections of their site to “the making of” the dumb commercials. Sheece! What’s going on in Bob’s head? He should get himself a hooker (something tells me he does) and leave the sleaze in the bedroom. Really now, T & A for a domain registrar!?! What’s next? Ronald McDonald in a Speedo?

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