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February 25th, 2005

Poor Packaging Part Two

It’s been a while, but remember the poor packaging of the paperclips courtesy of Well, here’s the follow-up, thanks to Dell.

At work over a two day period we got almost a dozen of these boxes addressed to former and current IT staffers (one former staffer alone got four of them):

Dell Box

It looks important and has a “DELL SECURITY ADVISORY” stamped on it and USPS tracking. I figured, perhaps it’s just an overly wrapped CD.

Nope. This is what was inside:

Dell Letter

A single piece of paper.

Pretty darn wasteful, Dell.

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FROM: Monica
DATE: Friday February 25, 2005 -- 10:11:22 am
oh my GAWD that's awful. If they needed tracking, I bet it'd be cheaper to use USPS.

Speaking of packages, I got the most impressively packaged one today--I ordered new running shoes from, and they sent them to me in the box the shoes come in, shrink-wrapped in a mid-weight brown plastic. That's it! Way to realize that the least wasteful way is also (probably) the cheapest!

DATE: Friday February 25, 2005 -- 5:04:31 pm
What was in the box? I got shoes from a magazine once and the box was lke two shoeboxes big and half of it was the shoes and the other half was a bunch of free stuff like stickers, axe, and a free magazine, not much of a waste really.

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Friday February 25, 2005 -- 5:10:55 pm
You got a free axe? Must not be the wood chopping kind. I could use one of those, now that I have a fireplace.

FROM: Greg C
DATE: Friday February 25, 2005 -- 5:18:55 pm
USPS is cheaper than UPS for packages under a pound; after that, UPS is the way to go. BUT, if you want decent tracking, USPS generally doesn't have tracking info until AFTER it's delivered, which is pretty stupid.

Never rely on USPS tracking.

Greg C

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