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March 5th, 2005

White Supremecists Like Crappy Food, Too!

I can’t say that my first choice of dining companions would be white supremecists. But the Harmon Leon, even though he’s Jewish, feigned interest in a Northern California white pride group and had dinner with a representative family. At Applebees. He actually ate dinner… at an Applebees. All in the name of journalism.

The conversation that goes on isn’t entirely shocking… it’s the typical anti-semetic, immigrant-hating nonsense you’d expect. Plus the fact they like caesar salad and ice cream but hate slow service. In that sense, they’re just like the rest of us, right?

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Evan August 7, 2007, 12:56 am

WHO THE SUPREMECISTS HATE: Liberals and Minorities

WHO THEY ARE: Extra-extra rightwingers of the severest kind

Hey, there’s nothing wrong with minorities as they are an integral part of the population of America. What I mind are ILLEGALS and GANGSTERS, as well as LIBERALS/CORRUPT POLITICIANS. With Illegals, it’s in the name. Gangsters are negative influences to everyone and fan the flames of supremecy. As for most politicians, I couldn’t deal with the businessy attitude all the time, and corrupt politicians/liberals, well, I just can’t deal with the politics.

As for Jews, not all of them are leftwing liberals, they just happen to be the ones publicly viewed. Don’t ever think all of them are like that. Just as not all gangsters are minorities, not all Jews are lefties. Even in the case of Kevin and company, they were white-collar, soccer-mom and university graduate-kind of people. Basically, you can’t assume anything about anyone, (no one could tell at first glance that they were neo-Nazis based on the author’s first observation of them,) because if this kind of thing keeps up, another Civil War or Holocaust will happen.

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