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March 18th, 2005

Famous Last Words

A few days ago, my wife and I were discussing an article about famous last words – really last words, said on one’s deathbed. It got me to thinking about what I’d like my last words to be.

I think either, “‘Tis well” (in honor of George Washington) or “Where’s my burrito?” (in honor of Homer Simpson) would work well. What? Okay, okay. Realistically I would have to side with something really pretty and inspirational, hoping that I get a good opportunity in the next life. Something thankful, too. But it’s hard to come up with on the spot when I’m healthy and alive… I wonder how hard it’ll be right before I pass on.

This page of quotes includes one I really like, attributed there to Errol Flynn: “I’ve had a hell of a lot of fun and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.” Sounds nice.

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FROM: Joseph
DATE: Friday March 18, 2005 -- 9:05:13 am
As long as my last words aren't something like:

"We hit an iceberg? (glug)," or
"Is that a truck coming at us head on?," or
"This doesn't seem like turbulence," or
"You said it wasn't loaded,"

I'll be fine.

With my luck, however, my last words will be something like,
"Nurse, my bed pan's full," or the old
"I've fallen and I can't get up!"

The most cynical last word story I've heard was about a construction worker who slipped and hung onto a beam. His friends could not help him and just before he finally let go, he purportedly said, "See you assholes in hell."

But I'm with you, I hope my last words will be thoughtful and full of meaning to those who would hear them.

FROM: Greg C
DATE: Friday March 18, 2005 -- 4:55:05 pm
This reminds me of one of the Naked Gun movies, I think it was 2 1/2... Frank Drebin breaks into a place and shoots it all up. All these guys are on the floor and he picks one of them up, and he's gasping his last breath.

Drebin: "Where's the bomb?" (or something similar)
Man: "It's... it's in..." [dies]
Drebin: "Alright! WHO ELSE IS ALMOST DEAD?!?!"
Other Man: "Auuugh it's in... in..."


FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Friday March 18, 2005 -- 7:35:51 pm
I'm hoping mine are "Alright, I'm ready" but like Joseph said, it'll probably be some more like, "Man, I must've had some bad tofu or something..."

DATE: Friday March 18, 2005 -- 10:23:46 pm
That isnt funny, we had a bomb threat in school today and some "slow" kid started to cry. No one really understands cause the teachers were told the would be a fire drill in the morning. Then later someone wrote something like "im gonna blow up this school at 10" and then the fire alrm went off at 9 55, maybe they combined the two or something.

FROM: pythion
DATE: Monday March 21, 2005 -- 10:46:38 am
That tomato just ejected itself.

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